Live With Kelly: Bill Hader “TCM Essentials Junior”


Live with Kelly: Bill Hader & Kristen Stewart

Bill Hader is an actor, comedian, producer and writer originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. For the past seven seasons, he has starred as featured player on Saturday Night Live. He has also been in comedy films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Superbad. His latest project is a program with Turner Classic Movies called Essentials Jr.

Bill came out wearing a pair of sneakers, and Mike asked him, “are those the same sneakers that Kristen Stewart is going to change into later?” Bill and Kristen worked on a film together a few years back, Adventureland, which also starred Jesse Eisenberg and Ryan Reynolds. Bill said that they had just seen each other backstage, and it was the first time they had seen each other since the film. He joked that, while Kristen has never hosted SNL, she has punched him in the face.


Bill Hader Essentials Jr & SNL: Live With Kelly

Kelly & Mike Greenberg learned about the Bill Hader Essentials Jr summer series on TCM & talked about his Saturday Night Live characters. (s_buckley /

Bill Hader: Saturday Night Live‘s Stefon

Mike brought up one of Bill’s signature characters from Saturday Night Live, the flamboyant city correspondent named Stefon. Mike called Stefon “the funniest thing on the show right now.”

The best part is when Bill starts to laugh, one of Mike’s favorite aspects about live sketch comedy. Part of the character is that after he delivers his lines, he covers his face with his hands. Bill said that they made it so that he could cover his laughter.


The writers will sneak in new lines on the cue cards during the show, surprising Bill on purpose so that he can’t help but laugh. Seth Meyers is in on it, too. Kelly, who has hosted SNL once, noted how quickly the lines and characters change and how fast-paced the show truly is.

Live With Kelly: Bill Hader Men In Black 3

Bill has recently been featured in shows such as South Park— which he calls like “comedy MENSA,” because of the intelligence of creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone– and films like Men in Black 3, also starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin.

In the film, Bill plays an uncanny version of Andy Warhol. Bill said that it was mostly thanks to the makeup, which completely transformed him. The film’s director, Barry Sonnenfeld, was an assistant on the film Raising Arizona, one of Bill’s all-time favorite movies.

Bill kept asking him questions about it all through filming. He also revealed that Barry does not sit in a director’s chair while making a movie; he sits on a saddle while smoking a cigar.

Live With Kelly: Bill Hader Essentials Jr on TCM

Bill’s latest project is TCM’s Essentials Jr., a program where Bill chooses and hosts family-friendly films that everyone can watch together. Bill is a huge film  buff, and loves old movies. He attributes his passion to watching classic movies like To Kill a Mockingbird and The Wizard of Oz with his family when he was a child.

Kelly asked Bill to name one film that every family should see together, and without hesitation he answered Singin’ in the Rain. He called the movie “a perfect film,” that is still hysterically funny after all these years. Mike suggested throwing in a scary movie like Psycho by surprise to throw everyone off. Kelly recalled going to see The Bad News Bears with her parents as a child, then showing it to her children and not realizing how much profanity was actually in the film.

The Bill Hader Essentials Jr series airs on TCM all summer, and kicks off this sunday with 12 Angry Men.


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