Live With Kelly: Beth Behrs “2 Broke Girls” Interview


Live With Kelly Beth Behrs Interview

Beth Behrs, a young actress originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, recently got her big break with a starring role on the sitcom “2 Broke Girls.” The CBS comedy follows Beth’s character, Caroline, a disgraced Manhattan socialite, and her roommate Max, played by Kat Dennings. Beth dropped by “Live With Kelly” to discuss her show, her recent travels, and what she did before she hit it big!

Beth Behrs: European Trip with Kat Dennings

Beth came out looking lovely in a floral dress, and Kelly prompted her to take a spin. She said her dress was Dolce & Gabbana, and it elicited some major “oohs” from the audience. Beth explained that she had just returned from Italy, and the dress was a gift that she bought there for herself. She had just gotten back the night before.


Beth Behrs: Live With Kelly Josh Groban Duet

2 Broke Girls star Beth Behrs sang a duet with Josh Groban on Live With Kelly. (Helga Esteb /

Beth was in Europe with her “2 Broke Girls” co-star, Kat Dennings. The girls had a photo shoot in Italy for CBS Watch Magazine. This made Kelly quite jealous, as she revealed that the only place Gelman sends her for photo shoots is upstairs on the set!

Beth and Kat were able to take some time off to explore, so they took a detour to Paris, since neither of them had ever been. It was actually the first time to Europe for both of them. Josh asked if Beth was able to pick up any of the language. Beth laughed and said that she speaks French like Joey from “Friends”– in other words, not well. Beth also bought a great pair of shoes on her trip.


Beth Behrs: Nanny

Before she landed her sitcom “2 Broke Girls,” Beth was just another struggling actress, and she worked as a nanny to pay the bills. Even while they filmed the pilot, she was still working as a nanny, because shooting a pilot is no guarantee that the show will get picked up.

Beth worked with the same family for three years, and she referred to them as “amazing.” Whenever she had an audition or landed a guest spot on a TV show, they always llowed her to work around a flexible schedule. Now, they all watch her on “2 Broke Girls,” and are very proud.

Beth Behrs: Musical Theater Major

In college, Beth was a musical theater major, which Josh said made him happy because his background is also in musical theater. Beth said that her favorite role that she played  on stage was Maria in “The Sound of Music,” because the film adaptation with Julie Andrews was her favorite movie growing up.

Beth Behrs: “2 Broke Girls”

Beth, Kelly and Josh watched a clip from “2 Broke Girls” with Beth and guest star Jennifer Coolidge. Beth called her “amazing.” Garrett Morris, a former featured player on “Saturday Night Live,” also appears on the show. Beth said that she loves working with him, and that the veteran comedian is filled with great stories. Of course, she also loves working with her fellow broke girl, Kat Dennings. Beth said she was a big fan of Kat’s before the show, so it’s wonderful to work with her every day.

Beth Behrs: “The Prayer” Duet with Josh Groban

Kelly revealed that Beth sang Josh’s song, “The Prayer,” at her high school graduation. Embarrassed, Beth said that she also sang it at her father’s inauguration as a college President.

Beth got extra embarrassed when Kelly said that Beth’s mom actually sent some video footage of Beth singing “The Prayer.” When they finished watching, Josh decided to break into song, and an impromptu duet occurred! Kelly, stunned, tried to slip away out of her seat. Beth, who has a beautiful voice, said “I’m pinching myself because Josh Groban just sang with me!”

“2 Broke Girls” wrapped up its first season earlier this year, so keep an eye out for season 2 in the fall.


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