Live With Kelly: Ben Stiller “Madagascar 3” Interview


Live With Kelly: Ben Stiller Madagascar 3

The son of comedians and entertainment legends Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller, Ben Stiller has managed to carve out his own path in Hollywood and become an A-lister in his own right. From films like Reality Bites and Greenberg to Meet the Parents, Ben has a long and impressive resume. His latest role is as the lovable Alex the Lion in Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, the third installment in the animated series and a huge hit at the box office this past weekend. Ben stopped by Live With Kelly to chat with the hosts about the film, doing theatre, and growing up in New York.

Ben Stiller: New York City Childhood

Live With Kelly: Ben Stiller Madagascar 3

Ben Stiller discussed his roles in Madagascar 3 and the Broadway show "House Of Blue Leaves" with Kelly & guest co-host Jerry O'Connell. (Helga Esteb /


Ben joined the hosts and revealed that he is currently filming a movie in New York. For the film, he has several chase scenes where he is riding a skateboard. Ben knows how to skateboard from his days growing up in New York City.

He said that he grew up in Riverside Park, and back then (in the 1970s) New York was all about smoking, drinking, and skateboarding around. He would often be running from the cops as a kid, so it looks like things have come full circle!

Ben Stiller: Kids’ Birthday Parties

Jerry pointed out that Ben is known for throwing extravagant birthday parties for his kids. At his last party, when his son turned seven, his mom bonded with a python. He said that he saw her whispering to it, and that they had a connection. Also, they had a huge water slide that was too intimidating for the kids, so the adults ended up riding it instead. One of the dads actually ended up breaking it! Kelly asked, “how many margaritas did he have?”


Ben Stiller: “House of Blue Leaves” on Broadway

Last year, Ben performed on broadway in “House of Blue Leaves” with Edie Falco. Jerry pointed out that on his latest play, “Seminar,” the same wardrobe department was used, and they all had great things to say about working with Ben.

Ben, Kelly and Jerry discussed how difficult doing theatre actually is. It is eight shows a week, and Ben said while the energy is great, it is sometimes hard to constantly have to perform, no matter what else is going on in your life. The only plus is that you get to sleep in in the mornings! Kelly called theatre actors the hardest working actors in entertainment.

Ben Stiller: Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Ben reprises his role as Alex the Lion in Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. Ben expressed how much he loves working on the animated films, because he’s been doing it for about ten years, and it’s great to see everything come together with the animation. This installment is in 3D, so Ben joked that the actors all worked hard to make their voices more dimensional.

During the voice recording, Ben sometimes got to improvise with Chris Rock, which he called “unfair” because Chris is just so much funnier than everyone else.

Ben also got to work with Martin Short, who co-hosted Live a few weeks back. Ben is a huge fan of Martin’s, so he said that he was super intimidated to work with him. They all had a great time premiering the film at the Cannes Film Festival together.

Ben, Kelly and Jerry then watched a hilarious clip from the film, where all of the animals are trying to break into a casino. You can catch Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted in theaters now!


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