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Andy Cohen: Live With Kelly

Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, Andy Cohen was a television-obsessed teen who hoped to one day work in entertainment. Now, Andy is Executive Vice President of Development and Talent at Bravo, plus the host of his own late night talk show, “Watch What Happens Live.” Andy, who was voted “Most Talkative” by his classmates as a senior in high school, has now released a book entitled Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture. Andy stopped by “Live” to chat with Kelly and Carrie Ann about some of the great stories and anecdotes from his book, including the six moments he would like to forget.

Andy Cohen: Six Moments He’d Like to Forget

Andy Cohen Most Talkative: Live With Kelly

TV host & author Andy Cohen played Plead the Fifth on Live With Kelly. (Helga Esteb /


Firstly, Kelly said how much she enjoyed the book. She said she put on a “Real Housewives of New Jersey” marathon for the kids to watch so that she could read. Then, they talked about some of Andy’s most embarrassing moments. Andy said that his mouth is both his “greatest asset and Achilles heel,” because sometimes he does not know when to shut up!

Andy said that he sometimes has trouble remembering that he is wearing a mic while on set, which can lead him to accidentally reveal some private things. Once, at an internship for a local news station, Andy was getting ready to welcome guest Helen Slater who was promoting a movie called Super Girl. Andy went up to Helen’s publicist and thought she was her mom, but he didn’t stop there. He also asked her, “when are you due?” and of course, the woman was not even pregnant! Andy said he learned some lessons that day.

Andy Cohen: Daytime TV Makeover

Also while working for a news station,  Andy had a makeover done on live television. Kelly said she actually felt like she remembered watching it when it first aired, and she had a clip. Andy started out with a long mane of curly hair and ended up with a sort of Elvis-style, short and wavy look. He cringed, saying he was “so early 90s.”


Andy Cohen: Susan Lucci Superfan

Andy has many stories in his book about soap actress Susan Lucci, whom he has idolized since he was young. He actually interviewed Susan after she won her historic Best Actress Daytime Emmy in 1999. Kelly mentioned that one of her producers had said that since Andy would be on today’s show, perhaps “Live” would win their Daytime Emmy. Turns out she was right! Kelly called Andy a “good luck charm.”

Andy Cohen: Plead the Fifth

On “Watch What Happens Live,” Andy plays a game with his hosts called Plead the Fifth. Today, Kelly and Carrie Ann decided to turn the tables and put Andy in the hot seat. The game is comprised of three questions, and the contestant has to answer all truthfully, except for one on which he or she can plead the fifth.

Kelly asked Andy “who was the guest with the worst body odor?” and he responded that most of his guests smell good, except for a  shirtless bartender who appeared one time. He also revealed that Jackee` Harry and Regina King were the guests who got the most inebriated on the show. However, when Carrie Ann asked Andy who he liked better, Kelly or Mark, he had to plead the fifth!

Kelly called Most Talkative a “must read,” so make sure you grab your copy today! You can also catch “Watch What Happens Live” on Bravo weekday nights at 11 PM.


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