Live With Kelly: Andrew Garfield “The Amazing Spiderman” Interview


Andrew Garfield: The New Spider-Man

Yesterday we got to chat with Emma Stone from The Amazing Spider-Man, but today we got to meet the man who is bringing the iconic superhero to life: Andrew Garfield. Beginning as a stage actor in England, Andrew’s big Hollywood break came with his Golden Globe-nominated role in the 2010 film The Social Network. Andrew may have only just recently put on the Spidey suit, but he revealed to Kelly and Michael that he has actually been training for the role his entire life!

As a child, Andrew idolized Spider-Man, like many little boys. He would throw himself all around the house, pretending to be the superhero, so his mom decided to put him in gymnastics classes so that he didn’t hurt himself. So this is a role that has been many years in the making!


Andrew Garfield: Death Of A Salesman

Live With Kelly: Andrew Garfield Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield discussed his role as Spider-Man on "Live With Kelly." (Joe Seer /

Michael pointed out Andrew’s English accent, but he was actually born in Los Angeles. Andrew joked that the accent is just something that he puts on to impress the ladies (it must have worked like a charm on set, because Andrew is currently dating co-star Emma Stone). Andrew has dual American and British citizenship, because his mother is English and his father is American.

While growing up in England, Andrew became interested in acting and studied to be a stage actor. Andrew recently appeared on Broadway alongside Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the Mike Nichols’ directed “Death of a Salesman.” Kelly asked Andrew if he prefers stage work over film work, because he has done a lot of both. Andrew said that being on stage is great because it is “instant gratification,” and is a wonderful way to connect with an audience. He pointed out that it is similar to what Kelly does in front of a live audience. Kelly joked that she doesn’t have to be entertaining, because “Live” tickets are free!


Andrew Garfield: “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Kelly noted that The Amazing Spider-Man is the one film that her sons are dying to see. That made Andrew happy, and he said that he loves having a fan base of young superhero fans.

When Kelly asked about wearing the infamous Spidey Suit, Andrew said that it was uncomfortable, but “who wants to hear an actor complain about that?” He said that it took about twenty minutes of squeezing in order to get on. Kelly turned to Michael and said that she would pay money to see him try to put the suit on. Andrew joked, “we’ve got one right here!” Understandably, Michael changed the subject quickly.

Andrew explained that training for the movie was six hours a day, six days a week. Kelly said that as a former gymnast, the makers of the film must have looked at Andrew as their “dream actor,” which made the modest star blush. Kelly said that she loves how Andrew turns into a “human croissant” (i.e, folds up and hides his face) whenever he receives a compliment. It’s totally adorable!

Kelly, Michael and Andrew watched a clip from the film, where Peter Parker taunts a bully on the basketball court using his Spidey Senses. Kelly said, “I have such a crush on you!” which of course, made Andrew “go croissant.” You can catch Andrew in The Amazing Spider-Man when it opens in theaters on July 3 2012.


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