Live With Kelly: Ana Gasteyer “Suburgatory” Interview


Ana Gasteyer: Twitter @AnaGasteyer

Ana Gasteyer is a Saturday Night Live alum known for her many hilarious skits and impressions. Now, the actress and comedienne stars on the ABC comedy series Suburgatory, which is getting ready to premiere its second season. Ana stopped by Live With Kelly to chat about her show, her kids, and why her four-year-old son can be found smoking cigarettes in pictures on Twitter.

Kelly welcomed Ana to the show and pointed out that Ana shares many great pictures on Twitter (you can follow her @AnaGasteyer.) Ana has two children: Frances, who is ten, and Ulysses, who is four. Frances just recently got her ears pierced, which Ana shared via Instagram. Ana explained that she had originally told her daughter that she could pierce her ears at thirteen, but she changed her mind and decided to let her get them done now.


Ana Gasteyer Suburgatory: Live With Kelly

Ana Gasteyer shared details from the second season of Suburgatory on Live With Kelly. (Phil Stafford /

Kelly allowed Lola to pierce her ears when she entered the first grade. Kelly herself wasn’t allowed to have pierced ears until she was 12, but she was infuriated when her parents let her younger sister (who was nine) get hers done at the same time. Therefore, Lola was allowed to get them whenever she wanted.

Ana Gasteyer: Sock Hop Birthday Party

Ana’s daughter, Frances, seems like the coolest ten-year-old ever: first, she dressed up in full costume for the premiere of The Hunger Games. Then, for her birthday party, she chose to have a 1950s Sock Hop theme. Also on Instagram, Ana shared a black-and-white photo of her daughter looking adorable in a poodle skirt and saddle shoes. However, her son was also in the picture, sporting greased hair and– of all things– a cigarette!


Ana explained that it was a candy cigarette, and that her husband gave it to him because he thought it would be funny. To dress him up like a greaser, Ana slicked her son’s hair with olive oil.

Ana Gasteyer: Suburgatory Season 2

Suburgatory is a sitcom about a New York City teenager, Tessa Altman, who is forced to move to the suburbs of Long Island after her single dad, George, finds condoms in her room. The show is all about Tessa navigating the hilarious suburban world of fancy cars, bratty teenagers, and– most horrifying of all–housewives in velour track suits.

On the show, Ana plays Sheila Shay, Tessa and George’s neighbor. Ana revealed that former SNL cast mate Chris Parnell, who plays her husband, has just been added as a series regular. So we have a lot of new story lines with the Shay family to look forward to in season 2. Suburgatory airs Wednesday nights on ABC, so don’t miss Ana, Chris, and the rest of the very funny cast.


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