Live With Kelly: Amy Adams “Into the Woods” Interview


Amy Adams: Living in New York

Academy Award-nominated actress Amy Adams is known for many acclaimed roles in films such as The Fighter and Doubt. However, her latest role is on the stage, in Shakespeare in the Park’s Into the Woods. 

Since Amy is now working in New York, she’s now living in New York. She said that her daughter, who is 2 years old, loves living in the city. Amy has been taking her to all of the great museums, like the Museum of Natural History and the Guggenheim.


Amy Adams: “Terrific Twos”

Amy Adams: Live With Kelly

Amy Adams discussed her role in Shakespeare in the Park's "Into the Woods" on "Live With Kelly." (Entertainment Press /

Nick, who is an expectant father, wanted to know how Amy is handling “the terrible twos.” Amy said that she is referring to it instead as “the terrific twos”– it helps her deal with this difficult stage! She said that her daughter has a lot of personality.

Amy’s paternal advice for Nick was, of course, to get lots of sleep now, before the baby comes! She also told him to not take anything his wife says personally for about two years.


Amy Adams: Into the Woods

Amy is starring in Shakespeare in the Park’s production of Into the Woods. The best part about the play is that it is totally free! Kelly always says that New York is the best city, because all of the most fun things to do don’t cost any money.

Amy had been wanting to go back to the stage, because she used to do dinner theater as a young actress. It was a nerve-wracking experiencing to do live theater again after all of this time, but she is really enjoying the experience; all of it except the mosquitoes! The stage is located right behind a pond in Central Park, and Amy said she gets bitten by bugs while she is performing. Of course, she can’t swat them away, because she can’t break character!

Amy Adams: Vacation Envy

Nick and Kelly wondered if Amy will get a vacation after the play ends. Amy said that she doesn’t take many vacations, and she gets “vacation envy” from going on Facebook and looking at everyone’s pictures. Kelly said that her mom doesn’t like to travel, so she orders the Perillo Tour videos and watches them in order to make her feel like she’s traveling.

Amy said that she would love to take a vacation and just lie on a beach somewhere– but of course, she won’t have any chairs!

Amy Adams: Upcoming Projects

Amy said that after her Shakespeare in the Park experience, she would love to do Broadway. Her dream role is to star in Man of La Mancha. However, she’s pretty busy at the moment, with the upcoming film The Master starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix. Keep an eye out for Amy in the highly anticipated film, set to be released in September.


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