Live With Kelly: Allison Williams “Girls” Interview


Live With Kelly: Allison Williams “Saturday Night Live”

On July 10 Kelly and Seth welcomed guest Allison Williams, who had her very first appearance on “Live with Kelly.” However, it was not Seth and Allison’s first time meeting: as Allison explained, they are old friends who “go way back” to when she was in high school. Kelly asked her to explain and wondered, “is this going to be a creepy story?”

As it turns out, Allison and Seth know each other because Allison used to hang around the “Saturday Night Live” set as a teenager. Her father, television journalist Brian Williams, also works for NBC. Allison said that to her, Seth was “a god,” and still is. Seth was appreciative, adding, “I need that today with Matt Bomer around.”


Allison Williams Live With Kelly July 10

Allison Williams discussed her HBO comedy "Girls" on "Live With Kelly" July 10

Allison Williams: Yale University Graduate

Since Allison is a child of famous parents, Kelly wondered if they perhaps ever discouraged her from entering the entertainment industry. Allison explained that there was no avoiding it; she had wanted to an actress since she was a kid. The deal that she struck with her parents was that she would go to college first, which she did: at Yale, no less!

While at Yale, Allison did improv comedy and became known for creating funny YouTube singing parodies. For example, she created an ironic cover of Kesha’s “Tik Tock.”  Judd Apatow, who is the producer of “Girls,” saw one of Allison’s videos and then asked her to audition for the show.


Allison Williams: “Girls” Season 2

Allison is currently shooting the second season of the HBO comedy series “Girls.” The show also stars Zosia Mamet, Jemima Kirke, and creator Lena Dunham, who plays young writer Hannah. Allison plays Marnie, Hannah’s best friend and roommate. Allison said that she and the rest of the cast are all very different, but she feels like they are all siblings.

The cast is currently shooting season 2 in New York City. Allison loves shooting in New York, and pointed out that Matt Bomer is also currently shooting in the city. She is hoping for a potential “White Collar/Girls” crossover!

The first season of “Girls” is currently available on HBO On Demand and HBO Go, so be sure to catch up before the next season starts!


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