Live With Kelly: Aaron Echkart & Battle Los Angeles


Aaron Eckhart Birthday In Paris

Kelly Ripa and Andy Cohen talked about Aaron Eckhart’s dimples and his 43rd birthday. He planned a birthday celebration in Paris, since he’ll be traveling to promote a film. He eventually plans to permanently relocate to France, where he once lived.

Aaron Eckhart has been around the world. He went to high school in England and has also lived in Australia, Hawaii, France, and Switzerland, before moving to New York to try becoming an actor. He currently lives in Malibu, California. Andy Cohen said living on the beach in Malibu seems glamorous and sexy. Aaron Eckhart talked about road cycling into the California mountains and surfing near his home.


Live With Kelly: Aaron Eckhart

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Andy Cohen brought up Aaron Eckhart’s first stage role in the play “The Doctor Is In, Charlie Brown.” He played Charlie Brown in the play, and had to sing seven songs, despite not having a strong voice.

Aaron Eckhart: Battle Los Angeles Broken Arm

Kelly Ripa brought up Aaron Eckhart’s recent movie, Battle Los Angeles. She said that she is glad that for once New York is not the big city under attack in a movie. Andy Cohen said that Aaron Eckhart got in great shape for this role. Eckhart explained that it was filmed in Louisiana in the summer, and he had to be in good shape because he was working with a cast who was in their 20s. He added that it was fun to play a Marine.


Andy Cohen said that Aaron Eckhart broke his arm during filming. Eckhart explained that he attempted to make a big jump, but he slipped and fell onto his head and arm. He said he heard his arm break, but he kept shooting to finish the scene, which was used in the movie.

Kelly Ripa: Aaron Eckhart

Kelly Ripa asked whether they have stunt men. Aaron Eckhart explained that they do, but after an encounter with a stunt man who did not have good acting instincts, he decided to do his own stunts whenever possible. Anytime fire is involved, however, he has to let his stunt man do the scene.

Aaron Eckhart, Andy Cohen, and Kelly Ripa watched a clip from Battle Los Angeles and talked about the alien invaders he fights in the film.


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