Live Top Teacher Week: Suzette Steward from Cinco Ranch Junior High


Live Top Teacher Week: Suzette Steward

One of the finalists for Live’s Top Teacher Week is Suzette Steward, a special education teacher from Cinco Ranch Junior High School in Katy, Texas. While most teachers end their day around 2:30, Steward continues on teaching her children long into the weekend. Steward teaches her children inside and outside the classroom, saying she teaches children with mental and intellectual disabilities to live normal lives like the rest of Katy, Texas. The principal at Cinco Ranch, Elizabeth Kuylen, said Steward makes a difference because she believes she can make a difference.

“She has pursued her passion and her talent to teach these kids,” Kuylen said.


Live Top Teacher Week: Suzette Steward from Cinco Ranch Junior High

Kelly & Michael met the next finalist in Top Teacher Week, Suzette Steward, a special education teacher from Cinco Ranch Junior High School in Katy, Texas.

Steward said she tries to keep her students on a structured program because these types of children need to have structure in their lives. Every part her curriculum is tailored to these children’s needs, from allowing time for them to sit in rocking chairs to get out energy to hopping on a treadmill as they answer questions to teach their bodies how to multi-task while sharpening their motor skills.

“There are some people who have a God-given talent to work with certain types of children,” Kuylen said. “I don’t know what more you can ask from a teacher.”


Top Teacher Suzette Steward Community-Based Instruction Trip

Steward said she takes her children on community-based instruction trips, trips designed to teach her students real life tasks. She took some of them with her to go shopping at Target where she taught them how to read labels if they don’t know what a product it, how to pay for their items and how to make sure they received the right amount of change, among countless other tasks.

“Hopefully we are teaching our community at large to be more tolerant ” Steward said. “We are offering the families of these children the chance to go places they have not been able to go before.”

While many people would say Steward has one of the hardest jobs in the world, she wouldn’t want to do anything else. She gets a huge reward from teaching her students

“Knowing I have to get up every morning and make these kids have a more successful life is the only reward I need,” she said.

Suzette Steward Gets Vacation Of a Lifetime

For being such an excellent teacher, Kelly and Michael gave Steward a Top Teacher trophy, five eInstruction tablets and student responses and they sent her on a trip to Bora Bora to stay in a luxurious hotel on the water, complete with snorkeling, romantic sunset dinners and relaxing boat rides.

Do you think she will win the award for the Top Teacher Week? Let us know who you think is the best teacher on the show.


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