Live Top Teacher Week: Kathy Green From Summerville Elementary School


Live’s Top Teacher Week: Kathy Green From Summerville Elementary

After meeting Rick Zano, a history teacher from Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach, VA, Live’s Top Teacher Week continued with fellow finalist Kathy Green. Mrs. Green is a teacher at Summerville Elementary School in Summerville, North Carolina.

Kristin Shulz, whose daughter, Lydia, is one of Mrs. Green’s students, wrote in to Live! With Kelly & Michael to nominate the most inspiring teacher she knows. Lydia feels special and valued each day in Mrs. Green’s class, and Kristin knows that her daughter isn’t alone. Mrs. Green inspires and motivates all of her students to achieve the very best.


Live Top Teacher Week: Kathy Green From Summerville Elementary School

Live’s Top Teacher Week continued with Kathy Green from Summerville Elementary School.

Mrs. Green revealed that it’s her goal to make children feel special about themselves.“I absolutely enjoy every moment of what I do,” she said. It was her own 4th grade teacher who inspired her to become an educator herself. She recalls her teacher making each child feel valued when he or she stepped in the door. Now, it seems that Mrs. Green follows in these very same footsteps.

“I wish every child could have a Mrs. Green in their life,” Kristin said.


Kathy Green $5,000 Talbots Shopping Spree

Mrs. Green received a giant standing ovation upon entering the Live! With Kelly & Michael set. Of course, Kelly and Michael had to thank her for all her hard work and dedication. In addition to a shiny Top Teacher trophy and 30 Toshiba Ultra Book Convertible Tablets for her classroom, Mrs. Green received a $5,000 Talbots shopping spree. It’s the least they could do for such an amazing teacher!

For more incredible Top Teacher stories, be sure to tune in all this week. The only question is, how will we choose just one?!



  1. Sfblunt says

    Summerville is in South Carolina, not North Carolina. It is a wonderful town about 25 miles northwest of Charleston, SC ( not West Virginia, lol) thanks,

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