Live!: Tobey Maguire Gatz Review & Studying for The Great Gatsby Role


Kelly & Michael: Tobey Maguire Goes To Most Extravagant Birthday Parties

Tobey Maguire hasn’t been on Live! since 2007 mostly because of his children. Since being on the show last he has had two children, Otis and Ruby, four and six and a half respectively, although Kelly just thought he didn’t want to come on the show because Regis was gone.

Anyways, for Otis’ next birthday, which is coming up soon, Maguire said he and his wife are planning on throwing a small party for him, nothing crazy. Maguire said he has been to some extravagant parties before and they are not for him. He said he went to one where there were elephants and giraffes just wandering around a person’s backyard.


Tobey Maguire: Not Being Spider Man For Son’s Birthday

Live!: Tobey Maguire Gatz Review & Studying for The Great Gatsby Role

Tobey Maguire stopped by Live! for the first time since 2007 to talk about working on The Great Gatsby and seeing the play Gatz to study the material.
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Michael wanted to know why he didn’t just dress up as Spider Man for his son’s birthday and Tobey joked that his son would not be able to afford the appearance fee.

Kelly pointed out if his son did want Spider Man to come to his birthday party, whoever Tobey Maguire hired would be pretty upset when they got there.


“I would just be giving him notes the entire time,” Maguire said.

Tobey Maguire Looking To Direct?

Most people might not know, but Tobey Maguire is not just an actor. He is also a producer, having produced such films as Rock of Ages, 25th Hour and Seabiscuit. Michael wanted to know if he might start directing soon. While Maguire said he looks forward to directing some time in the future, he wants to stick with acting and producing now, saying he loves to act and he loves collaborating with people to tell wonderful stories.

Tobey Maguire Sits Through Seven Hour Great Gatsby Play, Gatz

Tobey Maguire is playing the role of Nick Carraway in the film version of The Great Gatsby but he had to work hard to study for the part.

Maguire said he had never read the book when he was younger so when Leonardo DiCaprio called him about working on the movie with Baz Luhrman, he was a bit taken aback but he went to the meeting anyways.

After he had landed the role, Maguire still had not read the book so he decided he would read the book and also see the play Gatz, a seven hour long word-for-word reading of The Great Gatsby set in an office building where one character reads the entire book throughout the play while his office workers transform into characters from the novel.

While Maguire said the play was excellent and the actors did an amazing job, he was running on very little sleep since he took a red eye from California to New York. He was able to stay awake through the performance but who knows how much he actually took away from the play.

Baz Luhrman Creates New Cinematic Experience With The Great Gatsby

Magurie said one of the best parts about working on the movie was working alongside Baz Luhrman. He said working with someone who has such a unique command of music, fashion, design and photography really made him see how much this movie will stand out from any other movie.

“He layers the film in such a way that there is a new cinematic experience,” Maguire said.

You can see more of Tobey Maguire when The Great Gatsby opens in theaters May 10 2013.


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