Live!: Psy Shares His Success Secret & Teaches Kelly Ripa How to Dance


Kelly & Michael: Psy Breaks World Records With New Single “Gentleman”

The new single by Psy, “Gentleman,” broke a world record for the most views of an online video in a single day with 38 million views. To put that in perspective, it is like every single person in California logging on to watch the video on the same day. And after only a month of being online, “Gentleman” has been watched by over 300 million people.

Live!: Psy Shares His Success Secret & Teaches Kelly Ripa How to Dance

Kelly and Michael talked with Psy about his world record-breaking new single, “Gentleman,” and Psy tried his best to teach Kelly and Michael how to dance.
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All Psy could say about the success of the video was that is was “crazy.”

So what are his secrets? How does he come up with these catchy songs and unbelievable easy and fun dance moves? I don’t think he knows how he does it. He told Kelly and Michael there could really only be one answer why both the videos for “Gentleman” and “Gangnam Style” have reached almost two billion views on YouTube.

“At this point, it must be that I’m a bit handsome,” Psy joked.


Psy Builds Career In America Overnight

While everyone in America may think Psy was an overnight success, which he was in America, he has been working in music for a long time. He told Kelly Ripa he has been working in the Korean music industry for over 12 years.

What Does Psy Mean?

Have you ever wondered what Psy means or why he chose that to be his name? Psy told Kelly and Michael it is short for psycho but not in the way most people would define the word. He said too often psycho is associated with something negative but he said for him it means something positive. A person who is pyscho is passionate about something. He said for him, he is psycho about music and dancing.

How To Do the Dance Moves From “Gentleman”

Kelly and Michael love dancing so Psy attempted to teach them how to do his two new dances, The Arrogant Dance and The Crab Move.

While the arrogant move is pretty easy, simply spread your legs like you’re on a horse, put your hand to your chin like you are pensively thinking and then tilt your head to side, The Crab Move is a little more difficult. It requires the person to jump to their left and their right while their hands trail behind them like they are gripping reins on a horse.

What do you think about Psy? I figured he would be forgotten after “Gangnam Style” but it seems he has some staying power. Let us know your thoughts on the Korean pop star in the comments section below.


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