Live!: Meredith Viera Thumb Infection & ‘Millionaire’ Celebrity Week


Live With Kelly & Michael: Meredith Viera

Meredith Viera is no stranger to TV cameras. From her experience in news reporting to her hosting duties on The View and Today, she has racked up an extensive resume. Since 2002, she has played host to hopeful contestants on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. She joined the new co-hosting team to talk about her daytime game show’s new 11th season, with celebrity contestants like Paula Deen, and her recent thumb infection.

Meredith Viera: Advice to Michael Strahan

Kelly & Michael: Meredith Viera Thumb Infection

Kelly & Michael learned about Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host Meredith Viera's thumb infection from her recent trip to London. (DFree /


“You guys are great together. It’s so exciting,” Meredith said of Kelly and Michael as she sat down with them.

Kelly pointed out their height disparity, noting that “his booty and my shoulder are eye-to-eye.” Meredith encouraged Kelly to see if she could rest her coffee mug on Michael’s butt; a quick test revealed that this could work, if only he’d stand still.

Michael asked Meredith for advice about coming in as a new co-host, as she did on the Today Show a few years back.


“I don’t think you need any advice, seriously,” she said. “You are so natural…. Just be yourself.”

Kelly & Michael: Meredith Viera Thumb Infection

Meredith was under the weather a few weeks ago during her London trip to help cover the Olympics. She got an infection in her left thumb, which was sore and dramatically swollen.

When she got back home, her doctor told her the reason her thumb hadn’t healed properly was that the antibiotic treatments she received in London aren’t used in the US anymore, because there are more effective options.

It turned out that one of the antibiotics they put her on across the pond is for Syphilis; Kelly joked that maybe her new regimen is for Gonorrhea. Meredith swears she has a clean bill of health, for the record.

She said it made her realize how quickly you can succumb to an illness. She isn’t sure where she contracted the thumb infection. As for her son Ben, he still living in Shanghai, and is starting a new job. “He’s at that age where people are brave and they take chances,” she said. Ben is now 23.

Meredith Viera: Millionaire Celebrity Week

Paula Deen is among the famous names competing on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’s celebrity week, starting September 17 2012. Michael said she ran into Paula’s family on vacation in the Bahamas this summer.

In a clip from Paula’s episode, the celebrity chef vowed to wet her pants if she successfully answered the $100,000 questions. You’ll have to tune in for the answer, so check your local listings to find Millionaire on your local station.


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