Live!: Mark Harmon Doesn’t Want His Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


Kelly & Michael: Mark Harmon, Former UCLA Quarterback

Mark Harmon stopped by Live! May 14 2013, and the first thing Michael wanted to talk about was football. When Harmon was younger he was the quarterback for the UCLA Bruins and Michael wanted to trade football stories with him.

Michael showed the audience his two crooked fingers, although one was more of a broken finger that seemed to move in whatever direction Michael wanted.


While Michael was willing to show off his football injuries, Mark Harmon said he wasn’t willing to show off his injuries on the show.

Live!: Mark Harmon Doesn't Want His Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Mark Harmon never wanted a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame although he didn’t have a really good reason why he hated getting the star. (image credit: Joe Seer /

Mark Harmon’s Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Mark Harmon recently got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this past October but he was not too thrilled about the star. He was it was embarrassing to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. While he admitted it was good for the show he said he never expected to get his name on a street in Hollywood and he wasn’t too excited about it happening.


Mark Harmon: Married For 20 Years

Kelly Ripa congratulated Mark Harmon on being married for 20 years to Pam Dawber. While Harmon didn’t think he should be congratulated on the marriage, he added that he had to kiss a lot of frogs before he found her.

“She is a neat lady and I’m not easy to deal with,” he said of the marriage.

I hope she didn’t watch this episode of Live! or Harmon is heading home to some trouble I would think.

Mark Harmon – NCIS Season 10 Finale

NCIS has their season 10 finale tonight and Mark Harmon said it is not what fans would expect. He said the season finale has a lot of unexpected twists and turns and with so many past episodes that could have been the season finale already, fans can expect quite the finale from the number one drama on TV, along with a bunch of returning cast members.

Kelly Ripa vs Mark Harmon Football Showdown

Before they let Mark Harmon leave, Kelly and Michael wanted to play a game with him to see who could throw a football through a cut-out of Strahan.

Kelly got pretty close, as did Strahan but it was Harmon who got the ball through the hole, albeit he did run up and toss the ball through the hole.

You can see more of Mark Harmon in the season finale of NCIS which airs May 14 2013 on CBS.


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