Live!: Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Cravings, Weight Gain & “Temptation”


Kim Kardashian: First Pair Of Flats

Kim Kardashian greeted fans before sitting down with Michael and guest co-host Kristin Chenoweth on Live! with Kelly & Michael. Obviously, the world is buzzing with the latest updates on Kim’s pregnancy, and what she wears is no exception. Kim looked comfortable in a flared tan dress, but recently, a black leather maternity skirt she wore made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Kim said that people criticized her skirt because it was too tight, it was “suffocating the baby” and it made it seem like she was trying to hide her bump. Of course, all of these comments were completely ridiculous. Since achieving such unbelievable fame, Kim has learned to brush aside these comments and has developed a tougher skin.


Kim recently purchased her very first pair of flats – ever! – because her feet have swollen and none of her heels fit her. Kristin, who is also petite like Kim, pointed out that shorter girls tend to find their heels more comfortable.

Live!: Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Cravings, Weight Gain & "Temptation"

Kim Kardashian discussed her pregnancy cravings, weight gain, and new film Temptation on Live! with Kelly & Michael. (s_bukley /

Kim Kardashian: Pregnancy Cravings & Weight Gain

Kim admitted that she’s already gained 20 pounds while pregnant, and she’ll probably gain more. She was looking forward to indulging in unhealthy pregnancy cravings, but so far, she’s only craved healthy foods.


Kim Kardashian: Boy Or Girl?

Kim is six months along, and she’s already gone shopping for her future son or daughter with boyfriend Kanye West. So, is the baby a little Kim or a little Kanye? Unfortunately, she isn’t spilling the beans just yet. She would only reveal that she shopped for clothes that were black and white.

Kim Kardashian: Advice From Kourtney

Kim said that she recently underwent pregnancy acupuncture treatments and is now becoming interested in all things organic. “I’m turning into Kourtney,” she admitted. Kim’s older sister, a mom of two herself, has given her excellent advice on pregnancy. She’s also given Kim a copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which completely terrified her!

Kim Kardashian: Tyler Perry Temptation

Kim is a very busy woman. In addition to being an expectant mom, she’s also starring in the new Tyler Perry drama Temptation. Kim said that Tyler called her personally and asked her to take on the role of Ava, an assistant at a matchmaking company. The film contains pretty dark subject matter, but Ava is the comic relief. She’s obsessed with designer clothes and giving her friends makeovers.

See Kim Kardashian in Temptation, which opens in theaters on Friday, March 29 2013.


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