Live!: Kerry Washington Grew Up with J. Lo & Fun on the Set of Peeples


Kerry Washington Scandal Secrets?

Michael Strahan loves the show Scandal so he was extra excited to see Kerry Washington. He was hoping she might give up some secrets from the show but she had different plans. She said her parents can’t even get secrets out of her about the show. She is always joking with them saying if she tells them, she will have to kill them.

Live!: Kerry Washington Grew Up with J. Lo & Fun on the Set of Peoples

Kelly and Michael talked with Kerry Washington about going to the same Boys and Girls Club as Jennifer Lopez and about the fun she had shooting Peeples.
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Kerry Washington Loves To Fly

Washington got into New York City late the other night which would have terrified Michael who is scared of flying, but Washington said she loves flying. Her favorite part is the takeoff, saying it makes her feel alive.

“It feels like magic to me,” she said.

Kerry Washington Went To Same Boys & Girls Club As J. Lo

Did you know Kerry Washington and Jennifer Lopez went to the same Boys and Girls Club? Washington said she and J. Lo grew up in the same neighborhood in the Bronx and she could remember watching Jennifer Lopez perform for all the kids in the Boys and Girls Club. She even remembered when J. Lo left for California and everyone was wishing her luck hoping she would make it in Hollywood so they could all say they knew her.


It seemed like after Jennifer Lopez left for the West Coast, it was Kerry on the block.

Kerry Washington Co-Hosting Live!

Michael Strahan said every day he is getting tweets from people asking why Kerry Washington doesn’t take over hosting the show when Kelly Ripa takes a vacation. While no one really had an answer, Kerry said she would be delighted to co-host and Kelly said as long as she gets a day off, then she is happy.

Looks like we may be seeing more of Kerry Washington on Live! this year.

Kerry Washington Peeples Review

Kerry Washington has a new movie coming out, Peeples, where she plays Grace Peeples, a successful attorney who is surprised by her boyfriend at a family reunion. While that sounds pleasant for everyone, Washington said her parents in the movie are not too fond of her boyfriend because they don’t think he is successful enough.

While Washington said shooting the movie was fun, her favorite part seemed to be the times she spent with the cast. Since they were shooting in a house, none of the actors or actresses had trailers. Instead, everyone stayed in the house, sleeping in the rooms upstairs, hanging out in the kitchen where they made “family” dinners and singing songs with each other around a piano in the house.

“We already had a reunion and the movie isn’t even out yet,” she said.

You can see more of Kerry Washington in Scandal, which airs Thursdays on ABC, or in Peeples, which opens in theaters May 10 2013.


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