Live Ken Jeong Medical Degree & Overcame Fear of Heights on Hangover 3


Live!: Ken Jeong Meets Kelly Ripa in Hawaii

Kelly Ripa and Ken Jeong have known each other for quite some time and the last time they met with each other was when they were both in Hawaii. Kelly was lounging in her cabana when she noticed Ken was in the cabana next to hers.

“Just what you wanted to see on your vacation. A whole bunch of loud Asians in the cabana next to you,” said Jeong.


Ken Jeong: Certified Doctor

We all know Michael Strahan got his honorary doctorate from his alma mater last week but that is nothing compared to Jeong’s actually degree in medicine.

Live Ken Jeong Medical Degree & Overcame Fear of Heights on Hangover 3

Ken Jeong stopped by Live! to talk about his medical degree, why he stopped practicing medicine and how he overcame his fear of heights.

Jeong said he is still a licensed doctor that can practice medicine. It was his wife who told him to quit his day job as a physician, a job he held for seven years, after he was cast in his first movie role in Knocked Up. He told Kelly Ripa he owes his entire acting career to his wife because he doesn’t know if he would have been able to quit practicing medicine if it wasn’t for her.


Ken Jeong Gives Out Free Medical Advice on Set

Jeong said he is always giving out medical advice when he is on set. When he was filming for The Hangover, Ed Helms best friend was on set and he had had come down with a bad case of food poisoning. Jeong said he was switching back and forth from his flamboyant voice for this character Leslie to his normal doctorish voice to help Ed’s friend.

Ken Jeong Five-Year-Old Twin Girls

Ken Jeong has five-year-old twins and he is really hoping they just stay the age they are. Kelly kept reminding him of all the “headaches and tears” he has in his future and he wasn’t looking forward to it. He said they are still at the age where they are daddy’s little girl but he knows 10 years from now his girls will be yelling, “I hate you dad! But I love him.”

Ken Jeong as Leslie Chow in Hangover 3

Leslie Chow is back and better than ever in Hangover 3. Carson Kressley said he was scared when he came into the studio and saw Jeong because he didn’t know if he wanted to cheer for him or be scared of him after watching him in Hangover 3.

Remember the nude scene in Hangover? Where Jeong jumps out of the truck of the truck naked? That was his idea. Jeong said he read the script and when he got to that scene he knew it was screaming for more so he told the director he was going to jump out of the trunk naked.

Jeong said he told his wife and she said, “That’s great. It will be a good movie of the summer because every guy will go home feeling good about themselves.”


Ken Jeong Overcomes Fear of Heights

Jeong has a number of scenes in Hangover 3 where he is pretty far off the ground. Although Jeong is terrified of heights, he said working with the stunt crew really helped him get over his fears. They would gradually work with him on his fear by putting him a few feet off the ground and then a few more the next day until he was at the height he needed to be for the scene.

“I got used to be higher and moving faster on the rope,” said Jeong. “I am the like the short, Asian doctor equivalent of Tom Cruise.”


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