Live: Keeping Monitor Lizards As Pets & Jonas Brothers “First Time”


Kelly & Michael: Unusual Animals As Pets

Spoiled Rotten Pets is full of animals that are living the high life. If you are thinking of getting one of these unusual pets, it’s encouraged that you look at shelters and remember they will grow up. If you want a piglet forever, think about a teacup pig.

Live: Keeping Monitor Lizards As Pets & Jonas Brothers "First Time"

Spoiled Rotten Pets features indoor potbelly pigs and ducks that wear diapers. Also, think twice before getting a monitor lizard for your child.


You wouldn’t think that a potbelly pig would be adorable, but this little guy was too cute. He is very high maintenance, so you need to think about your lifestyle before you adopt a pig. They can live up to 25 years, so think long and hard about it. Kelly and guest host Carrie Ann Inaba also found out that pigs are very skittish, but if you give them a cupcake they calm right down.

Live: Spoiled Rotten Pets

Monitor lizards are said to be sweet, but they really need the right lighting and heating for your home. They eat twice a week and eat rats. They also only poop twice a week, but think about that before you say, “How convenient!” Twice a week.

Sunshine the duck is the least high maintenance of these animals. Kelly had ducks growing up and said they poop everywhere. This duck is adorable, but they need their space.


Kelly & Michael: Jonas Brothers “First Time”

After the high energy of “Pom Poms,” this seems like a smoother track. “First Time” is not about the first time but it’s about anytime you are in love and it feels like a first time. In terms of Jonas Brothers ballads and love songs, I prefer “When You Look Me In The Eyes.” “First Time” isn’t a stand out track, but I have high hopes for their upcoming album. A second listen of the song is needed to really appreciate the track.

There is no word yet when the highly anticipated album will be dropping. Their last album was 2009’s Lines Vines & Trying Times.


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