Live!: Katie Couric Trash Talking & Karaoke Sing-Off Vs Kelly Ripa


Kelly & Michael: Katie Couric Almost Has Wardrobe Malfunction

Michael Strahan must have been a big hit at the Met Gala because he had pictures with everyone. He was hanging out with Jessica Alba, he got a picture with Cash Warren and he talked with Katie Couric for a while too.

While on the show today, Couric said she was really nervous being at the Met Gala. When she was about to head up the stairs where all the photographers were at, she was stuck in between the worst people to be stuck in between at a fashion event. Nicki Minaj was in front of her and behind her was Gisele Bundchen.


Live!: Katie Couric Trash Talking & Karaoke Sing-Off Vs Kelly Ripa

Katie Couric was trash talking the other night at the Met Gala and today she was on Live! to have a karaoke sing-off with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan.
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Kelly said there was no reason for Couric to be intimated because she had such a beautiful dress on. While the one shoulder strap dress might have been beautiful, it almost caused some trouble. Couric said halfway through the night she noticed her strap falling off her shoulder. It wasn’t quite a wardrobe malfunction, but it was close.

Katie Couric’s Dangerous Situations

Katie Couric has had the chance to do some amazing things with her life and one of the most terrifying was the time she flew in an Apache helicopter while it was performing maneuvers. When they landed, she had two bags of vomit.


Another dangerous segment she has filmed, although a little less terrifying, was the time she drove race cars with Danica Patrick. Danica let her drive the race car by herself and Katie said she was flying around the course at 130 mph.

Katie Couric Trash Talking About Karaoke

While at the Met Gala, Katie Couric and Michael Strahan took a jello shot and it brought out the competitor in Katie who started to “trash talk” Michael saying she was going to beat him in a karaoke sing off. Kelly said she was all for the sing-off but I think she was a little upset because she is a terrible singer. Couric tried to encourage her, saying Cameron Diaz can’t sing but it was cute when she sang in My Best Friend’s Wedding.

I don’t think it consoled Kelly too much.

Katie Couric vs Kelly Ripa – Karaoke Sing-Off

Anyways, all three had their chance to sing and the winner will be announced tomorrow but make sure to leave us a comment telling is who you think won the sing-off.

Michael sang “Sexy Back” to Jillian, the winner of the New You in New York Makeover.

Kelly sang “Sweet Dreams” with a few hunky backup dancers.

Katie Couric sang “Fever” with a few backup dancers as well.


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