Live!: Katie Couric Talk Show Preview & Aimee Copeland Interview


Live! With Kelly & Michael: Katie Couric

She’s done mornings, evenings, and even a one-night stand in late night. Now Katie Couric is getting ready to blaze new ground in daytime with a Katie Couric talk show, simply called Katie. In a nod to her new gig, she walked out to the Neon Trees song “Everybody Talks.”

Katie congratulated the new co-host team, saying she was excited to watch the big reveal earlier in the week. Kelly said the new talk show host is looking tan, though she said she tries to wear sunscreen.


Katie Couric Summer Vacation

Katie Couric Talk Show: Kelly & Michael

The co-hosts got a preview of the new Katie Couric talk show from its host. The show debuts September 10 2012. (s_bukley /

“My friend Liz said, ‘Tan fat equals muscle,’” Katie said, so it’s obvious she won’t be going toe-to-toe with Dr Oz. Kelly vouched for self-tanning and offered to give Katie some recommendations off the air.

Katie said she spent her summer traveling to some of the cities where stations are broadcasting her upcoming talk show. She ended her summer with a small break and a beach trip. Kelly and Katie said they often run into one another at a certain McDonald’s.


Kelly & Michael: Katie Couric Seashell Picture Frame

Ellie, Katie’s 20-year-old daughter, makes fun of Katie for collecting seashells. 16-year-old Carrie is still getting over her grumpy teenage years, but Katie said she is getting nicer.

Katie gifted the co-hosts with a handmade photo frame of the new duo, flanked with some seashells she collected. She also brought in a zucchini from her garden, but Gelman chimed in that his were bigger. She said she loves cooking with fresh ingredients from her own garden.

Live!: Katie Couric Talk Show Preview

Katie is excited about growing into her new role as a talk show host. She is working once again with Jeff Zucker, whom she first teamed with in her Today Show days. Jeff went on to an executive role at NBC, and Katie jumped to CBS News for a few years.

Guests coming up on Katie’s show include Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Barbra Streisand and Sheryl Crow, who wrote and performs Katie’s theme song.

Katie Couric Aimee Copeland Interview

Katie said she was inspired by her interview with Aimee Copeland, who had her limbs amputated after suffering from a flesh-eating bacteria. Kelly said she loves the way that Katie tells stories, and is looking forward to seeing her new show.

Katie premieres September 10 2012, so check your local listings to find out when it airs in your town.


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