Live!: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Shakespeare in the Park & Modern Family


Kelly & Michael: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Engaged

Jesse Tyler Ferguson was on Live! today and he was looking quite handsome in an all beige suit with a bow tie. He even shaved his beard off for the occasion.

Anyways, Kelly and Michael congratulated him on getting engaged to his longtime boyfriend, Justin Mikita, as they looked at some picture of the two in Mexico. Jesse said they went with Sofia Vergara to Mexico for her birthday but not everything went as planned while there. Jesse Tyler Ferguson didn’t talk about it on the show but he has mentioned before his proposal was upstaged a bit.


Live!: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Shakespeare in the Park & Modern Family

Jesse Tyler Ferguson stopped by Live! to talk about his fifth season with Shakespeare in the Park, the final episodes of Modern Family and loving twitter. (image credit: s_bukley /

Jesse Tyler Ferguson On Twitter

Jesse Tyler Ferguson said he loves Twitter. He is always tweeting something but he said he makes sure to keep all his tweets entertaining. He hates it when people tweet something like, “I just ate a bagel.” While he loves Kristin Chenoweth, he said she does that all the time and he is constantly following and unfollowing her.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Stuck In an Elevator

Kelly and Michael had heard Jesse Tyler Ferguson was stuck in an elevator and he said it was true. He even had photo he took while stuck in the elevator. He said it was him, Eric Stonestreet and Julie Bowen in a service elevator in Kansas City heading to a charity event when the elevator got stuck for an hour.


While you would think those three would be the best people to get stuck in an elevator with, Ferguson said after about five minutes, it wasn’t fun anymore.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Shakespeare In the Park

Jesse Tyler Ferguson has joined Shakespeare in the Park for his fifth season and he said this year he is ready for anything. While it doesn’t seem like too much can go wrong in a play, Ferguson said when you are performing outside, in an open, public theatre, anything can happen.

For example, one time a Garth Brooks concert was happening a few blocks away and at one point helicopters hovered right over the Shakespeare in the Park performance as they tried to get some good shots of the concert. He said they have to be aware of the critters that could run across the stage at any moment as well.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Jobs Before the Big Screen

Rarely does someone make it in the entertainment business overnight and Jesse Tyler Ferguson is no exception. He said he had a number of odd jobs, from being a cashier at a gift shop in Times Square to working at a theme park in New Mexico.

He said at the theme park, called Uncle Cliff’s, he would always have to be the costumed character that walks around the park, Cliff Coyote, but the costume was so disgusting and sweaty he hated even wearing it. What was even worse was the costume extended about eight feet above his head so his head was right in the costume’s chest. He said kids would continually walk past him and shove the character in the chest, essentially punching Jesse in the face.

Final Episodes Of Modern Family

Modern Family is winding down their fifth season and Jesse Tyler Ferguson said these last two episodes are excellent. He said one of the final episodes deals with a death in the family but it isn’t a character everyone has grown to love. Apparently the episode is more about family coming together in a time of need than about the death.


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