Live!: Jane Lynch “Escape From Planet Earth” & Honorary Doctorate


Jane Lynch: Chicago Native & Aunt Marge

Kelly & Michael welcomed the hilarious star of GleeJane Lynch,  for an interview. She made her way from backstage laughing and dancing with the crowd. Jane (who, according to Kelly, smelled amazing) had just arrived from Chicago, where she received a special award.

Jane is a Chicago native, so she spent the evening with many of her family members. Her date for the red carpet was her 84-year-old aunt, Marge, who is “the keeper of the flame” in the Lynch family. Marge knows all of the family stories from Ireland, and Jane plans on taping her recollections for future generations.


Jane Lynch: Honorary Doctorate from Smith College

Live!: Jane Lynch "Escape From Planet Earth" & Honorary Doctorate

Jane Lynch discussed her new animated film “Escape From Planet Earth” with Kelly & Michael. (s_bukley /

Jane is now “Dr. Jane Lynch,” because she recently received an honorary doctorate from Smith College. Smith is a women’s college, so Jane joked that it’s a “training ground for lesbians.” She didn’t say that in her commencement speech, but Jane did make lots of great jokes in her moving and inspiring speech.

Jane Lynch: New Animated Film Escape From Planet Earth

Jane has lent her voice to a new animated film called Escape From Planet Earth. She plays an angry one-eyed alien trapped in a galactic prison. The film also features Brendan Fraser, Craig Robinson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba, among others.


Jane loves doing animated films because she loves voice-over work. Before she hit the big time with Glee, she did a lot of voice-over work in television and radio. Now that she’s a big celebrity, she gets to make animated films.

Jane Lynch: Fired from Michael Richards Show

Jane has never been fired from the set of an animated film, but she did once get fired from a sitcom starring Michael Richards. On a day she was set to shoot, Jane received a call from her agent telling her to turn around and go home. Jane was told that she’d been replaced because they were “going in a different direction.”

Kelly explained that “going in a different direction” is entertainment industry speak for “you’re fired.” At least they’re polite about it!

Jane’s new film, Escape From Planet Earth, opens in theaters Friday, February 15 2013.


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