Live: Isla Fisher Gained 15 Lbs for Great Gatsby & How to Eat Vegemite


Kelly & Michael: Isla Fisher Gets the Reject Clothing

Would you think of Isla Fisher as a ‘top tier’ actress? It seems the rest of Hollywood doesn’t. She told Michael and Kelly she is always stuck getting the left overs when she has an awards ceremony to go to. Apparently, when an awards show is about to happen, designers send dresses to a stylist who lets the actresses pick their favorite dresses. The top tier actresses get the first pick and by the time Isla Fisher makes it into the dressing room, there are not many dresses left.

“Whatever Suri Cruise doesn’t want to wear, I can wear,” Fisher joked.


Isla Fisher Only Plays Strange Characters

Live: Isla Fisher Gained 15 Lbs for Great Gatsby & How to Eat Vegemite

Isla Fisher showed the co-hosts how to eat Vegemite the proper way, talked about her weight gain for The Great Gatsby and why she wears rejected dresses.
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“I’m trying to make my dad proud,” she said of her movie role choices.

Isla Fisher – How To Eat Vegemite

Kelly and Michael are always trying to eat Vegemite on their show but every time they do someone from Australia leaves a comment on Twitter about how the hosts have no idea how to eat the Australian treat. So, to remedy their complete lack of understanding as to how to eat Vegemite, Isla Fisher gave them some tips.


First, spread a lot of butter on the toast to “lubricate” the toast, she explained. Then spread on a small amount of Vegemite and you are ready to munch.

Isla Fisher Looks Unlike Herself In The Great Gatsby

Michael Strahan said he saw The Great Gatsby the other day and he didn’t even know Isla Fisher was in the movie because she looked so different. While Fisher said that is the greatest compliment an actress can receive, she seemed to think others might not be so kind to her performance.

“Everyone has read the book and a lot of people are attached to the book,” she said. “There will be a litany of people who will be disappointed no matter what I do.”

Isla Fisher Gains 15 Pounds For Myrtle Wilson Role

Fisher said she gained 15 pounds for the role of Myrtle Wilson but not because she was asked too. She wanted to gain the weight because the book describes Myrtle as being “heavyset and boxom.”

So how was she able to gain 15 pounds? By eating whatever she wanted. She didn’t need a special diet.


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