Live!: Heather Graham an Avid Poker Player & Hangover 3 Trivia Facts


Live!: Heather Graham, a Real New Yorker

Heather Graham was on the show today and can you believe she has lived in New York City for 12 year? She grew up in Wisconsin, then moved with her family to Virginia because her father was in the FBI and then she moved to California where she grew up in the Valley.

Out of all those places though, Graham said living in New York is her favorite. She really loves the night time in NYC.


Heather Graham, Competitive Poker Player

One place Graham doesn’t seem to like too much, which is ironic since she is in The Hangover, is Las Vegas. Although she loves the hot weather, she said she hates going into casinos because the air is freezing cold to keep people gambling longer and because all the windows in Las Vegas are locked to keep people from jumping out after they lose all their money.

Live!: Heather Graham an Avid Poker Player & Hangover 3 Trivia Facts

Heather Graham stopped by Live! to talk about being an avid fan of poker, how she stays in shape with yoga and different facts about The Hangover 3.
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She does like gambling though. Graham said she was really into poker for a while. She was playing all the time and watching all the poker she could on TV. But after awhile she hated how it made her so competitive so she gave it up.


“I get really angry when I don’t win,” said Graham.

The same thing happens to Kelly Ripa. We all know Kelly is very competitive and when she sits down to gamble, the competitiveness goes to a new level. She is always making people at the blackjack table mad because she brings along her cheat sheet, which is legal but frowned upon by the more experienced players.

Heather Graham Stays Healthy with Yoga

Did you know Heather Graham loves doing yoga? She said that is the one thing that keeps her shape. While she normally works out five days a week,sometimes she will go on yoga retreats where she does yoga for around four hours a day.

Maybe her and Gelman can get together for a yoga session.

Along with the yoga, Graham said she also tries to watch her diet. One of her favorite snacks is a peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake that is completely vegan.

Heather Graham Hangover 3 Trivia

Graham is reprising her role as Jade although her character is no longer a stripper in The Hangover 3. She is now a suburban housewife married to a doctor.

Besides working on the movie, Graham said she loved hanging out with everyone from the movie. Everything was so different on the set this time around, she said. Everyone is more successful now, the food was better on set, everyone was trying to eat healthier and all their trailers were huge this time.

Can you believe Zach Galifianakis is a health freak? Graham said she never knew until they started talking about juicing and not eating dairy. Who would have thought they would bound over being health conscious?

One more little trivia fact from The Hangover series. The little boy who played Graham’s son in The Hangover (The little kid Galifianakis’ character carried around throughout the movie) is the same kid playing her son in The Hangover 3.


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