Live!: Ethan Hawke Voted Most Theatrical & Before Midnight Film Review


Live: Ethan Hawke Meets Kelly on a Bed of Coats

The last time Kelly met Ethan Hawke she was sitting on a bed of coats at a Christmas party. Surprisingly, Kelly said she gets star struck when she meets famous people off the show, when she isn’t expecting it, and it happened the last time she saw Ethan. He was trying to get his coat but Kelly was sitting on them and she stumbled as she helped him find his.

Ethan Hawke: Football Player

Kelly wanted to know if Ethan Hawke was a jock in high school or whether he was a theater geek. He said he tried to toe the line.


Live: Ethan Hawke Voted Most Theatrical & Before Midnight Film Review

Kelly and Michael invited Ethan Hawke on the show to talk about his newest film Before Midnight and they found out he was voted most theatrical in high school.
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When he played football in high school, he played defensive end, his coaches were always yelling at him because he would get in these awkward “poses” when he was on the line of scrimmage. Regardless of his coaches yelling, Ethan said he would always do his pose because he “looked cool.”

Ethan Hawke Voted Most Theatrical in High School

Even though he was a jock, Ethan was also voted the most theatrical in high school. Kelly and Michael brought up a photo of him from his yearbook and he began telling a story about a cast party he had with the other person in the photo but decided against it because about a minute into the story he realized he couldn’t tell it on daytime television.


Before Midnight Series Ethan Hawkes Harry Potter

Ethan Hawke’s latest movie, Before Midnight, hits theaters tonight and he was really proud of the movie, calling the series of films, “my Harry Potter.”

The first movie in the series, Before Sunrise, came out when he was only 24. It was boy-meets-girl romantic type movie that didn’t do to well in the box office.

“No one liked it as much as we did,” he told Kelly and Michel.

Nine years after making the first film, Hawke said he and Julie Delpy, the actress int he film, decided they wanted to make another movie so they made what Ethan called “the 30-year-old version of Before Sunrise,” titled Before Sunset. This one did better than the first movie so the two decided to get back to together to film the newest movie in the series, which finds the couple living in Paris in their 40s.


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