Live!: Emmy Rossum “Beautiful Creatures” & “Shameless” Renewed


Emmy Rossum: Metropolitan Opera Children’s Choir

Emmy Rossum, star of Shameless, joined Kelly & Michael to discuss her latest film, Beautiful Creatures. But first, she and Kelly chatted about their similar workouts, and why Emmy had the coolest childhood ever! Now, Kelly & Emmy both do SoulCycle, and both ballet danced when they were children. Emmy, on the other hand, was also a classical opera singer.

Live!: Emmy Rossum "Beautiful Creatures" & "Shameless" Renewed

Emmy Rossum discussed “Shameless” and her new supernatural film “Beautiful Creatures” with Kelly & Michael. (Joe Seer /


In second grade, Emmy was chosen for the Metropolitan Opera children’s choir. She didn’t know much about opera, but she did fall in love with the “magical world” of singing, acting, and elaborate costumes. Instead of clubs or sports teams, Emmy’s after school activities involved lavish productions and performing for thousands of people. No wonder she’s now a big star!

Emmy Rossum: “Shameless” Renewed For Fourth Season

In addition to her singing and roles on the big screen, Emmy plays Fiona Gallagher on the Showtime series Shameless. Emmy loves being a part of television’s most dysfunctional family, and working with William H. Macy, who plays her father. Recently, Shameless was renewed for a fourth season, so look forward to many more Gallagher family antics in the future.

Emmy Rossum: New Film “Beautiful Creatures”

Emmy stars in the highly-anticipated new film Beautiful Creatures, based on a series of books by the same name. She portrays a “Caster,” aka witch, in a small Texas town. In fact, her entire family are Casters, some of which are light (good) and some of which are dark (evil). The story centers around Emmy’s character’s cousin, Lena, who is about to be claimed for the light or the dark on her upcoming sixteenth birthday.


Among Emmy’s family of “chic, sophisticated, Southern Gothic witches” are actors Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson, and Viola Davis. Emmy, Kelly & Michael got to check out a very spooky clip from the movie of a “Thanksgiving dinner gone wrong.” Most Thanksgiving dinners involve fighting, but I don’t think that there are many that involve magical powers!

For more Emmy Rossum, check out Beautiful Creatures in theaters February 14 2013.


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