Live!: Elisabeth Moss Spa Vacation, ‘Mad Men’ & ‘The West Wing’


Elisabeth Moss: Three-Day Spa Vacation

Elisabeth Moss is one of Hollywood’s hardest working actresses, so if anyone deserves a spa trip, it’s her! When she chatted with Kelly & Michael, Elisabeth discussed her recent mini-vacation at the spa, which is her favorite way to relax and unwind.

Live!: Elisabeth Moss Spa Vacation, 'Mad Men' & 'The West Wing'

Elisabeth Moss discussed her ‘Mad Men’ character Peggy Olson and her mini spa vacation with Kelly & Michael. (Joe Seer /


Elisabeth wanted to take a picture for Kelly & Michael, but the spa’s policy wouldn’t allow it. Obviously, “selfies” can’t happen either when you’re completely wrapped in mud! Kelly wondered if customers were allowed to take pictures at the Russian Bath House. Elisabeth said she’s never been, because she’s “not a fan of being beaten.” I guess Colin Farrell is, though!

Elisabeth’s treatments included a body wrap and a manicure-pedicure. Her nail polish color was called Cajun Shrimp.

Elisabeth Moss Starred In ‘The West Wing’

Now, Elisabeth is most famous for her role as ambitious young copywriter Peggy Olson on Mad Men. However, did you know she played Martin Sheen’s daughter on The West Wing? She went straight from doing the West Wing to Mad Men, which is now in its sixth season. “I’m 56 years old,” Elisabeth joked.


Elisabeth Moss: Secrecy on ‘Mad Men’

Elisabeth said that she loves to hear from women in the workforce who are inspired by her character, Peggy. She’s had many women come up to her and thank her, especially after Peggy left Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. After she mentioned this landmark moment from the show, Elisabeth hoped she didn’t spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. (Too late!)

Mad Men will soon begin shooting its seventh and final season, but Elisabeth doesn’t even know when she’ll be returning to work. “They like to keep you in the dark as long as possible,” she explained. The show is notoriously secretive about its many dramatic plot twists and turns, like surprising deaths of the characters.

Watch the drama unfold for yourself Sunday nights on AMC, when Mad Men airs at 10 p.m.


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