Live!: Denzel Washington Magnificent Seven + The Equalizer Review


Kelly & Michael: Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about his new movie The Equalizer, where he plays a guy who comes out of retirement to seek vengeance. It was actually a TV show before it was a movie. “Everybody stay calm,” Kelly said when introducing Washington, but the crowd went wild. “That went exactly how we though it would go,” Kelly said.

Kelly & Michael: Denzel Washington Travel

Washington’s been everywhere lately: Miami, Toronto, London, Paris, Berlin, Spain and some other places. That sounds amazing, but unfortunately it wasn’t for vacation. It was all to promote The Equalizer.


Kelly & Michael: Denzel Washington Magnificent Seven

Live!: Denzel Washington Magnificent Seven + The Equalizer Review

Denzel Washington came by to talk to Kelly & Michael about his new movie ‘The Equalizer’ and learning to ride a horse for ‘Magnificent Seven.’ (lev radin /

Washington’s going to start shooting Magnificent Seven next year. He can do anything. But can he ride a horse? He’s going to start on October 1 2014. He’s also going to learn how to shoot a gun. He’s playing “the main guy.”

In SoulCycle you need a custom seat, so will Washington get a custom saddle? They do put a trampoline on it so that you look like you’re bouncing in the saddle. I never knew that was a thing. That’s so strange.


Kelly & Michael: Denzel Washington Birthday

Washington’s actually turning 60 in December. He says he’s already in his 60th year though, because when you’re born you start your first year. He’s going to have a quiet birthday. There won’t be any party. “That looks like code for surprise me,” Michael said. It’s just going to be quiet and low key.

Kelly & Michael: Denzel Washington Broadway

Washington was last on the show for A Raisin in the Son. He doesn’t plan on going back to Broadway for another couple of years though, because he has other things he’s working on, and he has no interest in doing a musical.

“You gotta be able to sing to do a musical right?” he said. The first thing he ever did in college was a musical. It was a bunch of songs from different musicals. He sang from “Mack & Mable.” He remembered he had thick, high shoes at that time.

Kelly & Michael: Denzel Washington The Equalizer Review

The Equalizer was one of Michael’s favorite shows back in the ’80s, but Washington never watched it. He didn’t even watch it when he got the part because he didn’t want to taint his vision. Michael said it seemed like he knew the show in the movie though. He was just a man with a past who wanted to live a simple life. Michael sounded like a great advertiser for it. He said he saw the movie and it made him want to walk down a dark alley so Washington could rescue him.

Washington had some great scenes with Chloe Grace Moretz, who’s really talented, mature and professional. It must be intimidating for her, but Washington said she didn’t seem intimidated. He said he saw her and Dakota Fanning as “grown women in little bodies.” She had to go home early because young actors can only work a certain number of hours.

Nobody could pronounce the villain’s name, but he’s one of the meanest villains ever. The actor’s not scary in real life, but Washington wouldn’t admit it if he were. It was also the same director as Training Day, which Washington liked. They talk sometimes, and they’re both doing Magnificent Seven together.

In the clip from The Equalizer, Washington’s character was talking to some of his co-workers and joking around. He told them that he was a pip. It was the calm before the storm of the movie. The Equalizer will be in theaters on September 26 2014.


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