Live!: Dancing With the Stars Runner Ups Zendaya & Val Chmerkovskiy


Kelly & Michael: Dancing With the Stars Performance

Dancing With the Stars announced their winner earlier this week and today, May 23 2103, Kelly Ripa invited the runner up’s from the competition, Zendaya and Val Chmerkovskiy, on the show to do a final dance for the audience.

Their performance was pretty good. I liked it better than any of the other dancers I saw on the show. It was way better than Andy Dick’s performance.


Live!: Dancing With the Stars Runner Ups Zendaya & Val Chmerkovskiy

Kelly Ripa and her guest co-host Carson Kressley watched as Dancing With the Stars runner ups Zendaya and Val Chmerkovskiy performed their final dance. (Photo Credit: Helga Esteb /

Anyways, my favorite part of the dance was when Zendaya and Val were dancing in front of some odd lighting so you couldn’t see their faces but you see them dancing. It was really cool. They did have a bit of slip up though when Zendaya lost the microphone attached her when she was dancing. She didn’t care though. She just kept on dancing.

Carson Kressley finally had his chance to be a dancing judge. He gave the couple a ten for their performance.


Val Chmerkovskiy Eye Injury

Val was still sporting the eye injury Zendaya gave him during one of their rehearsals. They even showed the video where she landed an elbow right above his right eye and it started bleeding immediately. He said normally when he would be doing a ballroom dance with someone, they would be a bit shorter than him but what are going to do.

“I had to take one for the team,” he said.

Zendaya added that her father, a martial arts instructor, was pretty proud she cut Val’s eyebrow open with a simple elbow.

Zendaya has Only Been Dancing Since Age Eight

Kelly figured Zendaya had been dancing her entire life but she has only been dancing since she was eight, which may not seem like a long time but you have to remember Zendaya is only 16. While she said most of her background in hip hop dance and hula, being on the show taught her all these new dance moves she never knew she could do along with a whole lot of new muscles she never even knew how to use.


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