Live!: Connie Britton Almost Cast in Jerry Maguire & Nashville Success


Live!: Connie Britton Almost had Starring Role in Jerry Maguire

Connie Britton has had quite the successful career but she hasn’t been given every part she wanted.

A long time ago, when she was first getting her big break, Britton said her friend gave her a script for a movie and she absolutely loved it, so she went to her agent and told him she really wanted the role in Jerry Maguire.


Live!: Connie Britton Almost Cast in Jerry Maguire & Nashville Success

Connie Britton talked with Kelly and Michael about almost being cast in Jerry Maguire and about her performance with Brad Paisley. (Joe Seer /

She went through the audition process and Cameron Crowe, the director, told her she was the person for the part. He made her fly to New York to do a reading with Tom Cruise and then she did a table reading with the entire cast thinking the entire time the part was hers. At the last minute Crowe told her she would be doing a screen test with one other actress, Renee Zellweger.

“It was hard to lose the part,” said Britton who still seemed a bit hurt by not getting the role.


Could you even see Connie Britton in the role of Dorothy Boyd? I just couldn’t see it.

Even Women Love Connie Britton

Everyone loves Connie Britton. Kelly Ripa said men love her because she is so attractive but she said women love her too because they aspire to be her. Connie said she felt the same way about Kelly.

Connie Britton Doesn’t Know How Successful Nashville Is

Connie Britton said she had no idea how successful Nashville has been because everyone on  the set is working so hard all the time and because they aren’t in Hollywood where you know exactly what is happening in all aspects of entertainment.

Although the Nashville community has really embraced the show, Connie said it is still hard to gauge how successful the show is when you only hear how much everyone from the city loves the show.

Connie Britton Performing with Brad Paisley in Nashville Season Finale

Connie Britton said she has had the chances to sing with some amazing performers, even getting to perform at the Grand Ole Opry once. The performance she has coming up in the season finale is her favorite performance though. She will be performing with Brad Paisley.

Britton said she and Paisley shot a scene together and Paisley was so nervous but he did really great. Then Connie had to get on stage and perform with him and she said at that point she was the nervous one.

Connie Britton Almost Falls on Audience

Every time Connie Britton’s character gets on stage, she is wearing seven-inch heels and a tiny little dress. Kelly wanted to know if she ever got hurt or fell on the stage and Connie said she has. Once she was shooting a scene in front of a live audience and she fell over a camera track. She was so embarrassed she ran off stage and started crying right away. At that point the director came over and told her it was time to shoot an emotional scene since she was crying already.

Friday Night Lights Reunion?

Kelly and Michael both wanted to know if they could look forward to a Friday Night Lights reunion but Connie Britton was not sure. She is all for it she said but there are a lot of people who are still up in the air about the project.


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