Live: Christina Hendricks Most Searched Woman, Mad Men Season 6 Review


Kelly & Michael: Christina Hendricks Mad Men

Christina Hendricks is the most searched person on the Internet. She thought that it was a very nice and flattering thing to be the most searched.

Live: Christina Hendricks Most Searched Woman, Mad Men Season 6 Review

Christina Hendricks said her character, Joan Harris, is battling to stay on top in Mad Men season 6. Hendricks recently became the most search woman online. (Image: Featureflash /


Ryan Gosling’s How To Catch A Monster

Hendricks is celebrating her birthday on May 3 and she’s forced to work. She said her husband, Geoffrey Arend, and her puppy are going to visit her in Detroit. She’s filming Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, How To Catch A Monster. Puppies, birthdays, and Ryan Gosling? That’s just unfair.

Kelly said, “I’d let Ryan Gosling direct me anywhere.” Christina said that she’s not alone. I’d like to add my name to the list of people that Ryan Gosling gets to direct. I would let this man direct me into Mordor if it meant I got to look into his eyes.

Christina Hendricks’ Home Makeover

The Mad Men star and her husband got to renovate their dream home recently. She said that she has saved up pictures in binders for years of what she wants in a home. Christina referenced those during the process.


Michael thought it was amazing that the husband and wife were able to get through the process in one piece. Hendricks said that it was a fun process for them. She said it was easy for her to pick out things, but then hard to visualize everything in a space. She and Arend hired the wife of Matt Winerd, the creator of Mad Men, who is an architect. She was able to help the couple get things in order.

Mad Men: Christina Hendricks

Last season on Mad Men, Christina Hendricks’ character, Joan Harris, was made partner at the firm. In a clip from an upcoming episode, Joan fires Scarlett in a scary turn of events. While it seems like it’s all over a simple hole punch, one could bet it’s more dirty and scandalous than meets the eye.

This season brings a lot of changes for Joan. She got to the top by sleeping with a client. While it sounds horrible, she had no other options to get to the top. She did it for her family.

Hendricks said that she sometimes marvels are how the world was run back then, but is very glad for the rights and privileges she gets in 2013.


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