Live!: Chris O’Dowd Family Tree Review & Wife Blends Their Last Names


Kelly & Michael: Chris O’Dowd Starts Acting In College

It seems like so many of the best actors and actresses of our time didn’t even start acting until they were in college, which is the case for Chris O’Dowd.

O’Dowd said he went to university in Ireland to study politics but after a few courses he realized he hated politics and he wanted to do something else so he started acting. He was also very into law because of the show LA Law but said he realized the reason he liked the show was because it was set in LA. So he packed up his things and left Ireland for Los Angeles.


“It is all just different types of lying,” said O’Dowd when talking about moving from politics and law to acting.

Live!: Chris O'Dowd Family Tree Review & Wife Blends Their Last Names

Chris O’Dowd talked with Kelly & Michael about his unscripted new show, Family Tree, how his wife blended their last names and a funny story about a NYC cop.

Chris O’Dowd Big Break In Bridesmaids

Chris O’Dowd got his big break with his role in Bridesmaids, making him a big star in America. In Ireland and England however, O’Dowd has always had that notoriety with men. He was in an English sitcom geared towards younger men so he was used to men knowing his name but when Bridesmaids came out, every woman in America seemed to know him.


“Scary women would approach me,” he said of his newfound fame with females.

Chris O’Dowd’s Wife Blends Their Surnames

Although he called women scary, O’Dowd did end up marrying one of the scary women he met.

“She is a very handsome woman,” he said of his wife.

Anyways, his handsome wife actually blended their names together, sort of. O’Dowd said after they got married she borrowed the O from his name to change her name from Dawn Porter to Dawn O’Porter.

“I was thinking about adding another O to my name as well,” O’Dowd joked.

Chris O’Dowd Family Tree Review

Chris O’Dowd is the star of the new HBO series, Family Tree. The upcoming show, which airs May 12 2013, follows the life of Tom Chadwick, a guy who is down on his luck after he loses his job and his girlfriend leaves him. All he has is a chest his grandfather left him with clues to his family tree.

O’Dowd said he loves working on the show because it is totally unscripted. The entire show only has an outline and it is up to him and the other actors to fill in the dialogue, adding that he never knows what a scene is going to look like until they are done shooting.

NYPD Officer Calls Chris O’Dowd Old

O’Dowd recently ran across a huge billboard of his face in Times Square. He asked a cop to take a picture of him standing in front of it, which the cop gladly did. After he took the photo the cop asked how long had it been since he took the picture on the billboard. O’Dowd told him about six months but the cop did not believe him. He looked at O’Dowd, looked back at the billboard and then back to O’Dowd and simply said, “No.”


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