Live!: Bradley Cooper ‘Elephant Man’ + ‘American Sniper’


Kelly & Michael: Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Anderson Cooper about his movie American Sniper, which he was just nominated for an Oscar for. He’s one of Hollywood’s most talented, sought after, and handsome actors. Kelly joked he was Anderson’s cousin. People in the audience were freaking out.

Kelly & Michael: Bradley Cooper Turned 40

Cooper just celebrated a milestone birthday. He just turned 40. He didn’t do anything. He thought he was going to do something big and thinks you should celebrate another year, but he just had dinner with some friends.


Kelly & Michael: Bradley Cooper 'American Sniper'

Bradley Cooper talked to Kelly & Anderson Cooper about ‘The Elephant Man’ and ‘American Sniper.’ (s_bukley /

Kelly & Michael: ‘The Elephant Man’ on Broadway

Cooper’s also on Broadway right now doing The Elephant Man. He doesn’t get nervous anymore. When he did plays before he was a mess and lost 17 pounds, but he’s not nervous anymore. He’s done this play before and worked with the people before. It was about a real guy, and there was a movie on him. The movie made Cooper want to be an actor. Plus, they’re doing it in the same theater that they did the play before. Anderson saw the earlier version. People really love the play.

Do any of his famous Hollywood friends come to see it? Robert De Niro came. He likes to know who’s coming ahead of time. It gives him a good energy. Other people don’t like to know. When De Niro came, he was worried. He came up to him and said he couldn’t hear him. He needed to mic it or something. His mouth was pointing the wrong way. “That’s it,” he said. That’s a huge critique. He turned out to be right though. There was a dead spot in the theater and he’s much louder now. Clint Eastwood, who directed American Sniper, came too. The first thing he did was do the Elephant Man for him. Was he making fun of him? It was out of joy though. It’s a physically grueling role. He’s okay now though. He’s done it for so long.


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Kelly & Michael: Bradley Cooper ‘American Sniper’

Cooper plays Chris Kyle, a famous Navy SEAL sniper in American Sniper. It’s also about the families left behind and his wife. Kyle was a charismatic, imposing guy. It was perfect for the movie and was relatable. He was famous and got the most killed, but he was murdered at home at a shooting range trying to help vets. They were going to work with him on the movie until he died. His wife is really carrying on his legacy though.

It’s hard to play him because he knows everyone. It’s a huge responsibility and an honor, but they sat down with everyone. Kyle was the one who wanted Clint Eastwood to do it and he decided to do it. The shooting process is really fast-paced. If he has it he moves on, and he doesn’t try to help you out. Cooper loves when a director is close. Cooper even got on the ground and did an impression of Eastwood.

In the clip of American Sniper, Kyle was talking to a therapist about what he did in Iraq, but he was okay with everything he did. What really haunts him is the guys he couldn’t save. But the therapist said there were plenty of soldiers that needed saving in the hospital. American Sniper will be in theaters everywhere on January 16, 2015.

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