Live!: Ben Kingsley Scares Iron Man 3 Crew & Loves a Wintertime Swim


Kelly & Michael: Ben Kingsley Loves To Garden

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan invited Sir Ben Kingsley on the show to talk about his role in Iron Man 3, but first they wanted to know more about his garden.

Kingsley said he has a garden in his backyard that he loves tending to. He grows fruits and vegetables in the garden and said he picks them daily so he can cook for his Brazilian wife, who he said could burn salad if you left her alone in the kitchen. But his favorite reason for tending the garden is that it allows him to be “domesticated, nourished and calm” when he is home from shooting movies.


Live!: Ben Kingsley Scares Iron Man 3 Crew & Loves a Wintertime Swim

Ben Kingsley talked with Kelly and Michael about his role as Mandarine in Iron Man 3 and why he loves taking a swim in his heated pool during the wintertime.
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Ben Kingsley: Wintertime Swimmer

Besides his garden, Kingsley said he also loves the pool in his backyard. Every single day before dinner he likes to take a swim in his heated pool, saying his favorite time to go for a swim is in the winter when snowflakes are falling on his head only to be melted by the heat from the pool.

Michael Strahan made a comment about swimming being the reason Kingsley is in such great shape but he had another guess as to why he looked so handsome today.


“It is the lighting and the lens that make me so slim,” Kingsley joked.

Ben Kinglsey Scares Movie Crew With New Role In Iron Man 3

Ben Kingsley is playing the villain in the new Iron Man 3 movie. His character, Mandarin, is not a physically violent character but more of a manipulative character. He has the ability to appear on every TV screen in the world any time he wants and he uses this ability to deliver “cynical, political speeches.”

“I had to be the kind of person who says ‘this is for your own good,’ which is very cynical when delivered from my character,” he said of playing Mandarin.

Kingsley did such a wonderful job portraying the villain  he said he often found himself apologizing to the crew for scaring them with his acting. When he wasn’t scaring the crew, he was getting along with them. He said they welcomed him onto the Iron Man 3 team from the moment he walked onto the set. You can see more of Ben Kingsley, or should I say Mandarin, when Iron Man 3 opens in theaters May 3 2013.


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