Liam Hemsworth: Comic-Con Protesters, Scared By Paranoia’s Gary Oldman


Live! with Kelly & Michael: Liam Hemsworth Prefers Briefs

The mystery is solved, we can all sleep at night. Liam Hemsworth wears briefs, ladies. We can probably get the image if we superimpose a photo of Liam’s face on David Beckham’s body. Is that about right, Miley Cyrus?

In his first appearance on Live! with Kelly & Michael, Liam Hemsworth revealed that he really hates wedgies.


Liam Hemsworth: Comic-Con Protesters, Scared By Paranoia's Gary Oldman

Liam Hemsworth told Michael Strahan that he came from surfing in Australia to being a big name, Hollywood actor with his three brothers. (Photo Works /

Hemsworth Brothers: From Surfing in Australia to Hollywood Red Carpets

Hemsworth grew up on an island near Melbourne, Australia. He said he was a competitive surfer until age 18. The number one tip he had for those learning to surf: avoid coral reefs because you’ll smash your face off. That was about as useful as don’t eat yellow snow, Michael Strahan joked.

The youngest of three actors, Liam’s parents tried to encourage their sons to be “something useful,” like a doctor or a dentist. Once they started getting big name jobs in The Hunger Games and Thor, it became apparent that they were “something useful.”


Liam Hemsworth Spots Protesters at Comic-Con

Speaking of Thor and Hunger Games, Hemsworth just visited Comic-Con. Liam said it’s one of the oddest experiences ever, seeing people dressed up and there are many protestors. What they were protesting, Hemsworth didn’t know. It was a freaky experience though.

Cut Bank: Liam Hemsworth + John Malkovich

Liam Hemsworth just finished shooting a film with John Malkovich, Cut Bank. The weather was very strange in Canada where they were shooting. While in the middle of a field, Hemsworth looked off and saw two weather systems coming together over them. He was pretty sure there would be a tornado right in the shot, but they avoided the catastrophe.

Paranoia Starring Harrison Ford & Gary Oldman

Paranoia is based off a New York Times best-seller. Liam Hemsworth called his co-stars Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman “Hollywood Legends.” He said that filming with the stars was a little scary, especially his first scene with Gary Oldman. They began with one of the more serious scenes and Oldman was screaming, shouting and spitting in Hemsworth’s face during the take. Welcome to set, Liam Hemsworth!

Paranoia is in theaters August 16 2013.


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