Kelly & Michael: Zosia Mamet “Girls” Season Two & “Mad Men” Return


Zosia Mamet: Blonde Hair and Honor Jumpsuit

Girls star Zosia Mamet made her Live! With Kelly & Michael debut, but that wasn’t the only debut she made. She also revealed her brand new blonde hair, which is very surprising but looks great! Plus, Kelly was a fan of Zosia’s outfit, a blue jumpsuit by Honor.

Kelly & Michael: Zosia Mamet "Girls" Season Two & "Mad Men" Return

Girls star Zosia Mamet discussed her naive character, Shoshanna, and if she’ll ever return to Mad Men with Kelly & Michael. (Helga Esteb /


Zosia Mamet: Shoshanna On Girls

Zosia is known for her role as Shoshanna on the hit HBO series Girls, which has become a complete pop culture phenomenon. “It’s been a very pleasant surprise,” Zosia said of the show’s success.

However, if you think that Zosia is anything like her character, think again. She admitted to being “the complete opposite” of Shoshanna, although fans of the show often think otherwise. For example, Zosia has a very cool heart tattoo on the palm of her hand. Girly, high-strung Shoshanna would never have a tattoo. Fans of the show will know that Michael’s characterization of Shoshanna as “naive but sincere” was spot-on.

Zosia Mamet: Joyce Return To Mad Men?

Mad Men fans will also recognize Zosia from her recurring role as Joyce. Soon, Mad Men will start its sixth season on AMC. So will Joyce be coming back? “I’m not at liberty to say,” Zosia said, which probably means yes!


Zosia Mamet: Shoshanna Killed Off Girls?

Zosia was not originally supposed to be a series regular on Girls, but she impressed the creators so much that she was added to the regular cast. However, there’s been a rumor floating around that Shoshanna will be killed off the show. Thankfully, Zosia said that series creator Lena Dunham pinky swore to keep Shoshanna on the show; if they pinky swore, then it must be true!

Tune in to the final two episodes of Girls season two on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on HBO.


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