Kelly & Michael: Yoga With Jane Fonda & New Workout Video “AM/PM”


Jane Fonda: “AM/PM” Workout Video

Jane Fonda is a legendary actress and two-time Academy Award-winning actress. However, she is just as well known for her popular fitness videos, including her brand new one, Jane Fonda Prime Time: AM/PM. The video features great beginner yoga moves for people of all ages.

Before she showed off some of her best yoga moves, Jane sat down with Kelly & Michael for an interview. She told Michael, “I love the space between your teeth.” She explained that it’s an indicator of humor and her ex-husband Ted Turner has a space also.


Kelly & Michael: Yoga With Jane Fonda & New Workout Video "AM/PM"

Movie star Jane Fonda showed off some easy and effective yoga moves from her new workout video “AM/PM.” (cinemafestival /

Jane Fonda: Visionary Award

Jane was recently awarded a very high honor, a Visionary Award. It was presented to her by Robert Redford (whom she referred to as “Bob,” which is pretty cool). Plus, her co-star on The Newsroom, Jeff Daniels, also sang a song entitled “Abs, Buns and Thighs.”

On The Newsroom, Jane plays a major CEO. She bases the character off of her ex-husband Ted Turner, although her character is more of “a Richard Murdoch type.”


Jane Fonda: Christmas Hymns

With the holidays coming up, Jane has plans to spend time with family and friends. She revealed that the holiday tradition in her family is to sing Christmas hymns. She passes out song sheets and forces everyone to get into the Christmas spirit! She can even sing in Latin, which she showed off to the audience by singing “O Come All Ye Faithful.”

Kelly & Michael Work Out With Jane Fonda

Kelly donned tights and a leotard and Michael sported a sweatband in order to hit the floor with Jane. Jane- whose body is referred to as “ridiculous” – is 74, but just as fit as ever. She taught Kelly and Michael some great moves and stretches for morning and night. I only hope that I can look half as good as her at that age!

If you’re interested in trying out some of Jane’s moves for yourself, check out Jane Fonda Prime Time: AM/PM.



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