Kelly & Michael: Viola Davis “Beautiful Creatures” & Young Adult Book Fan


Viola Davis: New Film “Beautiful Creatures”

Beautiful Creatures is the most highly-anticipated film of the season, and after speaking with star Emmy Rossum, Kelly & Michael next welcomed Viola Davis. In the film, the Academy Award nominee plays Amma, a librarian and Seer with magical powers. But before they discussed the film, Kelly & Michael chatted with Viola about her adorable daughter, Genesis.

Viola Davis: Potty Training Daughter Genesis

Kelly & Michael: Viola Davis "Beautiful Creatures" & Young Adult Book Fan

Kelly & Michael chatted with Academy Award nominee Viola Davis about her new film “Beautiful Creatures.” (Joe Seer /


Viola has a two-year-old daughter, Genesis, who is currently learning to use the potty. Viola may call this stage the “terrific twos,” but the process of potty training does seem pretty terrible. Viola has employed the use of a timer in hopes that when it goes off, Genesis will know it’s time to head to the bathroom. As usual, though, the toddler has other ideas.

Kelly, a mom of three, offered helpful parenting advice. Children will eventually get sick of going to the bathroom in their pants, and will want to use the potty on their own. For Viola, that time can’t come soon enough. She’s now telling Genesis that they’re running out of diapers.

Viola Davis: Young Adult Book Genre

Viola explained that she signed on to Beautiful Creatures even before reading the book because she’s such a big fan of the young adult genre. She’s read all the Twilight books and all the Harry Potter books. She loves the idea of getting to be a kid again, and in the film, of taking on such a fun, supernatural role.


Kelly, Michael & Viola previewed Beautiful Creatures with an exciting clip. Viola’s character, Amma, helps lead character Lena when she arrives at her library. To find out what happens next, head to the theaters on Thursday, February 14 2013. Beautiful Creatures is the perfect movie date for Valentine’s Day!


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