Kelly & Michael: Victor Ortiz & Lindsay Arnold DWTS Hand Techniques


Kelly & Michael: Victor Ortiz & Lindsay Arnold Dancing With the Stars

The most recent elimination from Dancing with the Stars was champion boxer Victor Ortiz. He said that dancing is harder than boxing any day. It’s not just about conditioning, it’s about coordinating your hands and feet and facial expressions along with keeping time.

Lindsay Arnold said that Ortiz was a great partner to work with. Every couple has their rough patches, but she enjoyed working with him. This was Lindsay’s first season on DWTS. Kelly Ripa thanked her for making Ortiz go shirtless for many of his dances this season. She joked that it was a tactic to get the women to vote.


Kelly & Michael: Victor Ortiz & Lindsay Arnold DWTS Hand Techniques

Victor Ortiz said that dancing is harder than boxing because it requires more coordination. Lindsay Arnold said it was great working with Ortiz on DWTS. (image credit: s_bukley,

Victor Ortiz “Pancake Hands” vs “Blades” Dancing Techniques

Ortiz said that the hardest part for him was making the proper hands during dancing. He often had “pancake hands” and Lindsay Arnold wanted to see “blades.” She made him do things over and over again until he had perfect technique. Lindsay didn’t want to see flat, lifeless fingers on the dance floor.

Victor Ortiz Returning To Boxing In June

Kelly Ripa asked Ortiz if and when he plans to return to the boxing ring. The champion boxer said he hopes to get back sometime in mid-June.


Michael Strahan & Michael Buble Duet “It’s a Beautiful Day”

To close out the show, Michael Buble performed his hit song, “It’s a Beautiful Day.” He invited Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan up on stage during the song.

Kelly did some background dancing and Michael Strahan sang backup vocals for Michael Buble. There’s no better person to smile next to than Michael Strahan. His wide grin made the fact that he had to stoop down to sing with Buble adorable.


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