Kelly + Michael Unstoppable Moms: Lauren Perkins Sextuplets + Diapers


Live’s Unstoppable Moms

Kelly & Michael are meeting the four women who have made the cut in this year’s Unstoppable Moms contest. Lauren Perkins, a school psychologist and marathon runner, became a mother of sextuplets in 2012. She and her husband were planning to grow their family and got a big surprise. Her cousin nominated her for the honor.

Kelly & Michael: Lauren Perkins Sextuplets

Kelly + Michael Unstoppable Moms: Lauren Perkins Sextuplets + Diapers

Texas mom Lauren Perkins is one of Live’s finalists in the 2014 Unstoppable Moms contest, and she is parenting sextuplets, including one child with special needs.


She gets up at 4:30 a.m. for some Me Time by going on a run. She stays healthy so she can take great care of her family. Then it’s time to make breakfast for her young ones, and managing six kids who are the same age takes coordination and organization.

Their entire living room is a playpen, and Lauren said she is determined to give her young kids the same opportunities and experiences as other children would have. Snacks, play time, and naps are all a part of the daily routine, which also involves plenty of chores.

The odds of her pregnancy producing six children were rare, and the couple was given the chance to reduce the number of children, but they chose to welcome all six into their family. One of their children has GI complications and other neurological impairments affecting motor and visual skills.


Kelly and Michael: Special Needs Child + Daily Diaper Count

Lauren said their special needs child, Leah, has change their life. “It’s really important to me to include her in everything that we do. She’s a part of our family,” she said. Mom even pushes the six kids around in a custom stroller!

The diaper count goes through 25-30 diapers per day, and Lauren shares her lessons and challenges online in support groups and on a blog. Her frugal skills have been put to the test, and she is rising to the challenge.

Lauren’s cousin said that this busy mom is always smiling, and her husband said that you realize your truth strength when you have to confront challenges that present themselves. From Texas, Lauren stepped onto the Live stage.

Kelly & Michael: Tradewinds Island Resorts Vacation

In her scant spare time, Lauren runs 5K races. She also contributes to a blog network that offers advice to moms. The children will turn two this year, and the theme is A Very Hungry Caterpillar. Kelly and Michael presented her with an Unstoppable Mom trophy.

If she got an escape, she would wish to spend time on the beach reading and playing with her kids. Live surprised her with a seven-day vacation to the Tradewinds Island Resorts in Florida, complete with kids’ programs.


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