Kelly & Michael: Tyler Perry Temptation & Mistaken For Michael Strahan


Tyler Perry: Mistaken For Michael Strahan

Multi-talented filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry stopped by Live! with Kelly & Michael to discuss his latest film, Temptation. He also chatted with Michael and guest co-host Erin Andrews about his best friend Oprah and why he was mistaken for our favorite football player turned talk show host.

Do Tyler and Michael really look alike? I had never noticed before, but now, I kind of see it. Tyler co-hosted with Kelly before Michael was hired, but obviously things didn’t work out for him (not that he’s doing too badly, anyway). Tyler revealed that he recently attended a party where a woman followed him everywhere he went. At the end of the night, she told him, “tell Kelly I said hi.” So if Michael ever needs a day off, he knows who to call!


Kelly & Michael: Tyler Perry Temptation & Mistaken For Michael Strahan

Tyler Perry discussed his steamy new film Temptation on Live! with Kelly & Michael. (Joe Seer /

Michael Strahan: Tyler Perry Impression

The last time Tyler co-hosted with Kelly Ripa, he called Oprah and left her a message on the air. Erin asked if she could call Oprah, but Michael revealed that the former Queen of talk shows already made her appearance on Live.

Michael showed Tyler his impressions of Oprah, Madea and Tyler Perry himself from Live’s Halloween show. Tyler was very impressed!


Tyler Perry: New Film Temptation

Tyler’s latest film is called Temptation, and it follows the story of a married woman who moves from the country to the city and becomes tempted by a mysterious new man. Tyler doesn’t appear in the film, because he actually prefers to be behind the camera. Temptation’s cast includes Jurnee Smollett, Lance Gross and Kim Kardashian.

Tyler’s goal in making the film was to make people realize that the choices they make can affect the rest of their lives. He said that Temptation is a thrill ride and a lot steamier than his other movies (so leave the kids at home). Erin had a little too much fun saying “temptation” over and over again in her sultriest voice.

Erin, Michael and the audience checked out a clip from the film of Judith, the lead character, encountering her tempting new man. Tyler admitted that he always works very hard, so after this film he will probably take a vacation. See Temptation in theaters Friday March 29 2013.


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