Kelly & Michael: Tyler Perry Inspiration & Oprah Winfrey a Comedian


Kelly & Michael: Tyler Perry on Oprah Winfrey

Kelly wanted to know one thing about Oprah no one else would know and Tyler said she is the funniest woman he knows. She could be a stand up comedian, he said.

“We joke out loud together but we could never say it on air,” said Oprah Winfrey.


Oprah Winfrey on Tyler Perry

Oprah said the one thing about Tyler Perry no one knows is that he is really shy. He is the guy who goes to a party reluctantly, stands in the corner by himself and then asks her if she is ready to go after only being there 30 minutes.

How Did Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey Meet?

Tyler Perry said the first time he met Oprah was on her show in 2001 but they didn’t really become friends until she called him one day while he was in Las Vegas and told him she loved his movies and invited him to a ball she was throwing at her house.

Kelly & Michael: Tyler Perry Inspiration & Oprah Winfrey a Comedian

Tyler Perry talked with Kelly and Michael about why he has put his friendship with Oprah before their business relationship.
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Oprah had a different story about when they became friends. She said they became friends much earlier. She said it started when she went to see one of plays and she was blown away by how it was.

“It was like a family reunion within a play,” she said.

Tyler Perry Finds Inspiration in Everything

So where does all the creativity come from? Tyler Perry said it is all in his head. He has all these characters and stories just floating around in his head, waiting to come out.

“He can come up with 10 scripts in a weekend,” said Oprah.

Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey Put Friendship Before Business

The one thing Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey wanted everyone to know was that they will always put their friendship first. While they do work together, Tyler Perry said she is the boss. She is the one who owns the network and he is there to support her.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t friends though. Tyler Perry said he and Oprah talked before becoming business partners because they didn’t want to ruin their friendship by mixing in business. That was a lesson they wanted everyone to take from the show.

You can tune into the season premiere of The Haves and the Have Nots tonight, May 28 2013, on OWN.


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