Kelly & Michael: Ty Burrell “Modern Family” and “Butter”


Ty Burrell: “Modern Family” Success

Ty Burrell is the Emmy award winning actor who plays Phil Dunphy on the ABC hit Modern FamilyKelly & Michael congratulated Ty on all of the show’s success; it just won its third consecutive Emmy for Best Comedy Series. Ty agreed that it’s official, Modern Family is now “the most popular show on earth.”

Even politicians agree with Ty; both President Obama and Mitt Romney have expressed called Modern Family one of their favorite shows. Does Ty think that the other shows are starting to get jealous? Actually, he’s been waiting for the backlash to begin for quite some time now. However, he credits the show’s continued success to its incredible writing.


Ty Burrell: Guest Star on “Sesame Street”

Kelly & Michael: Ty Burrell "Modern Family" and "Butter"

Kelly & Michael welcomed “Modern Family” star Ty Burrell on his new film “Butter.” (Helga Esteb /

Ty has two young daughters, and they are just getting to the age where they are starting to recognize him on television. He was very excited to show his oldest daughter, who is 2 1/2, the segment that he filmed for Sesame Street. Ty appeared in a sketch with Abby Kadaby, and he called it “the pinnacle of his career.”

However, he was a bit too cocky, because his daughter didn’t even notice him in the sketch. All she cared about was Abby!


Ty Burrell: Football Career?

Kelly pointed out that both Ty and Michael have football careers in common. However, Ty was quick to correct her. He only played in high school, and he referred to himself as “a delusional athlete.” The only thing he was good at was dressing the part– that’s how he knew he would one day make a great actor!

“We’ve got a surprise for you,” Kelly joked with Ty. “Next up, Ty and Michael are going to challenge each other in a tackle!”

Ty Burrell: New Film “Butter”

In addition to his success with Modern Family, Ty is also starring in a brand new film called Butter. He plays Bob Pickler, a champion butter carver, and wife to Laura Pickler, played by Jennifer Garner.

Kelly had no idea that butter carving was an actual occupation, but now that she knows, she wants to give it a try. Ty explained that there is a whole “butter carving subculture” in the midwest, and it’s done predominantly at state fairs. To prepare for his role, Ty met with champion butter carver Jim Victor. Ty’s biggest problem in learning how to carve was with melting!

Don’t miss Ty Burrell in the ensemble comedy Butter, in theaters October 5 2012.


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