Kelly & Michael: Trace Adkins “Celebrity Apprentice” & “Love Will”


Trace Adkins: “Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars” Winner

Kelly & Michael relived the dramatic TV moment when Trace Adkins defeated Penn Gillette in order to become the latest Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars winner. The popular country star joined Kelly & Michael to discuss this winning moment, but also to make fun of Michael. “Michael talks like a girl,” Trace teased. At 6’6,” Trace is one of the rare guests who is actually taller than Michael.

Kelly & Michael: Trace Adkins "Celebrity Apprentice" & "Love Will"

Kelly & Michael spoke with Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars winner Trace Adkins about the American Red Cross and his new album. (Helga Esteb /


Trace also has a very deep voice, and Kelly wondered when that first developed. Trace said that his voice changed around the age of 14. When he was a kid, people who called Trace’s house often mistook him for his father!

Trace Adkins: Defeating Penn Gillette

Trace defeated magician Penn Gillette in the Celebrity Apprentice finale, which he knew was going to be no small task. He called Penn “brilliant,” and knew immediately that Penn would make it to the final. Now, after being defeated by Piers Morgan his first time around, Trace feels vindicated.

Trace Adkins: $1.5 Million Raised For American Red Cross

During his time on the show, Trace Raised $1.5 million  for the American Red Cross, which is especially timely at a moment like this. Trace was first inspired to work with the charity when his home burned down in June 2011. He was impressed with the support the Red Cross volunteers displayed towards his family, and by the great work the organization does each and every day. In addition to major disasters, the Red Cross responds to over 70,000 house fires each year.


Trace Adkins: New Album ‘Love Will’

In addition to his success on Celebrity Apprentice, Trace is celebrating the release of a brand new album entitled Love Will. The collection is Trace’s first album of solely love songs. He promised Kelly that he would return to the show and sing a love song for her live.


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