Kelly & Michael: Tony Goldwyn Iceland, Politics + ‘Scandal’


Kelly & Michael: Tony Goldwyn

Tony Goldwyn came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about his show Scandal. He, of course, plays the President. People were so excited that he was there. “They love you. They love your philandering Presidential ways,” Kelly said. She would vote for him.

Kelly & Michael: Tony Goldwyn Iceland

Goldwyn just took his wife and daughters to Iceland. They showed some amazing pictures. Kelly knows a lot people who have gone. They only get two weeks off and they wanted to go somewhere outdoorsy and beautiful.


Iceland is only five hours from New York, and New Year’s is insane there. They know how to party. They sell fireworks. Small children were even setting them off. They start at 11 p.m. and goes nonstop until 1 a.m. People are drinking and setting off fireworks, but nobody set themselves on fire. It sounds amazing.

Kelly & Michael: Tony Goldwyn 'Scandal'

Tony Goldwyn came by to talk about what’s going on on ‘Scandal.’ (s_bukley /

Kelly & Michael: Tony Goldwyn Politics

Goldwyn has been married to his wife for 28 years and they have been together for more than 30 years. Kelly joked that every anniversary is the diamond anniversary. They raised their daughters in a Republican town in Connecticut. Goldwyn’s a moderate Democrat, but his wife is super liberal.


They have close conservative friends and politics can make people uncomfortable. They would sit down at a dinner party, and his wife brings politics up right away. They get uncomfortable but end up having great conversations. You don’t have to agree to be friends.

Kelly & Michael: ‘Scandal’ Season 4

In the clip of Scandal, Goldwyn’s character was having a meeting. He plays President Fitzgerald Grant. Does he know where Olivia is? Goldwyn knows, but his character doesn’t know. He wouldn’t tell though. He’d lose his job. Kelly threatened to tickle him. They only know things at the last minute, because they work on the scripts until the last minute. They table reads are a lot of fun, and he likes the spontaneity. Sometimes it’s hard when you have to memorize a monologue right away though.

People were really into his dirty phone scene. It took him by surprise too. He turned the page while they were reading at the table, and it was super intimate. He was shocked. He thought it was too real. Shonda Rhimes writes really steamy stuff, but she gets really shy when they read it. Michael’s mom was there and was into the scene while they were talking about it.

When Goldwyn was directing for the first time on Scandal, he had to direct himself in a really intimate scene. He talked to Rhimes about it to plan it out and she was uncomfortable. She had to stop him even though she was the one who wrote it.

Scandal is also huge on social media. Even Rihanna tweeted about it. Goldwyn tweeted her back. Scandal airs on Thursdays on ABC.


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