Kelly & Michael: Tom Coughlin “Earn the Right To Win” Book Review


Tom Coughlin: New York Giants Head Coach

Tom Coughlin is an NFL legend and head coach of the New York Giants. On Live! With Kelly & Michael, Tom reunited with Michael Strahan, who referred to Tom as his “mentor.” Now, the two men have an undeniable bond and clear respect for each other. However, as Tom revealed to Kelly, that wasn’t always the case.

Since Tom and Michael are both “two very strong-willed people,” they definitely butted heads at first. Tom recalled the first time Michael came into his office; even though Tom was the new coach, Michael did all the talking! Michael also didn’t like Tom’s “rules” very much. Now, he understands why they’re so important.


Kelly & Michael: Tom Coughlin "Earn the Right To Win" Book Review

Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin reunited with Michael Strahan to discuss his new book Earn the Right To Win. (Debby Wong /

Tom explained that rules are crucial to running a team. He wanted everyone to come to work with “passion, eagerness and a desire to learn.”

Tom Coughlin: Facing Media Scrutiny

Tom admitted that the media scrutiny he faced in the beginning of his career really affected his family. The media disliked Tom and, as Kelly pointed out, New York is “the greatest place to win,” but the “toughest place to lose.”


The tables turned for Tom when he began opening up to the media and showing more of his real personality.

Tom Coughlin: Earn the Right To Win Book Review

Tom’s new book, Earn the Right to Win, was written shortly after the Giants won the Super Bowl. The book is obviously sports-related, but also offers “a universal approach” towards life lessons.

Tom believes that his book is an example of old fashioned values such as “passion, discipline, organization and communication.” After all, these things really worked for Michael. He still sets his watch 10 minutes ahead in honor of Tom.

Tom also decided to pay Michael back the “debt” he owed him. He gave Michael $500 in what looked like Monopoly money.


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