Kelly & Michael: Tina Fey “Admission” & Hosting Academy Awards?


Tina Fey: Family Vacation At Walt Disney World

Kelly and Michael chatted with the funniest woman on the planet, Tina Fey. However, it hadn’t been long since the hosts had seen Tina – they bumped into her during their time at Walt Disney World, where Tina was vacationing with her family. Kelly and Tina ran into each other several times, including at the various hotel bars.

When Tina visits Disney World, she likes to imagine what job she would have if she worked there. Tina believes she would make a great wicked stepsister, or a “low-rent” Snow White.


Kelly & Michael: Tina Fey "Admission" & Hosting Academy Awards?

Tina Fey discussed her new film Admission and whether she would consider hosting the Academy Awards with Kelly & Michael. (s_bukley /

Tina Fey: Golden Globes Host With Amy Poehler

Michael congratulated Tina on her performance as Golden Globes host with Amy Poehler. She and Amy totally killed it and looked “effortless.” Tina admitted that it’s much easier to perform when you have a buddy, as Kelly and Michael well know.

Tina Fey: Academy Awards Host?

Naturally, the next question led to the Academy Awards. Would Tina ever want to host? She pretty much evaded an answer as best as she could, which makes me think that she probably wouldn’t want to. However, she did say that if Kelly and Michael hosted, she and Amy would write jokes for them. Sounds good to me!


Tina Fey: New Dog Teddy

Now that 30 Rock is over, Tina has more free time to spend at home with her two daughters. The family just got a new dog, Teddy, who Tina believes is working on a team with her two rambunctious children “to ruin everything.” He pretends like he’s very well-behaved in front of the dog trainer, but when the trainer leaves, he likes to use the bathroom all over the house. At least he’s cute!

Tina Fey: New Film Admission

Tina plays a Princeton University admissions officer in the new film Admission and revealed that she actually applied to Princeton University as a student. Tina didn’t get accepted, but I bet they’re regretting that now! She attended the University of Virginia instead.

In Admission, Tina co-stars with Paul Rudd. They had actually never met before, which felt strange to Kelly and Michael. They just assume that all funny famous people are friends. “We all hang out at Disney World together,” Tina joked.

See Tina Fey in Admission, opening in theaters March 22 2013.


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