Kelly & Michael: Timothy Olyphant “Justified” & Waiting Tables in NY


Timothy Olyphant: Waiting Tables In New York

Justified star Timothy Olyphant returned to New York City for an interview with Kelly & Michael. Back when he was just another struggling young actor, Timothy lived in New York and worked waiting tables. After college, he and his wife moved in with her father, who was obviously thrilled to have a brand new son-in-law who waited tables for a living!

Good thing it was only a temporary gig, though, because Timothy was not a very good waiter. Admittedly, he had no idea what he was doing. However, he still received good tips. His advice for any young waiter was to be “relaxed and charming,” even if you aren’t very good.


Kelly & Michael pointed out how well that advice works for daytime TV hosting, too!

Kelly & Michael: Timothy Olyphant "Justified" & Waiting Tables in NY

Timothy Olyphant discussed his early career and his hit series Justified with Kelly & Michael. (s_bukley /

Timothy Olyphant: Talk Show Host Ambitions

Speaking of TV hosting, Timothy’s early ambition was to be a talk show host. Kelly listed some of the great perks of the job; not having to travel much, having an early day and getting to pick your kids up from school.


Timothy asked Michael if he had ever thought about being a talk show host while he was still an athlete, and Michael admitted he had never imagined he’d take on the job.

Timothy Olyphant: Japanese Hot Dog Commercial

Timothy went on commercial auditions for two years without ever booking anything. Eventually, his big break was a Japanese hot dog commercial that’s still a bit fuzzy to him. The commercial featured a big star in Japan at the time (Timothy couldn’t remember his name) and little Japanese hot dogs in a bag.

Soon, Timothy graduated from bizarre foreign commercials to film roles. His earliest appearances were in Scream 2 and First Wives Club.

Timothy Olyphant: Justified Season Four

Timothy portrays US Marshal Raylan Givens in the hit FX series Justified, currently in its fourth season. There are a few changes to the show this year, including a brand new mystery to solve. The cold case of a man who fell out of a plane 30 years ago is opened up when Raylan finds illegal drugs in his childhood home.

Raylan Givens is often described as the coolest guy on TV, but does Timothy’s three children think he’s cool? Timothy answered with a quick and resounding “No!” He and his wife don’t let his kids watch the show, although they do know what their dad does for a living. Timothy’s youngest daughter has already caught the acting bug, although she hasn’t yet caught onto the idea of actually working.

See more of Timothy Olyphant in Justified, which airs Tuesday nights on FX.


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