Kelly & Michael: Theresa Caputo “Long Island Medium”


Theresa Caputo: “Long Island Medium” Season Three

Theresa Caputo is a self-proclaimed spiritual medium. Through thoughts, feelings, and emotions, Theresa is able to connect with the dead, and has done so all her life. Theresa’s life as a mom and a medium is detailed on her TLC reality show, Long Island Medium, which is now in its third season.

Theresa appeared on Live! September 14 to chat with Kelly & Michael. Kelly asked Theresa a simple but great question: are dead people mostly happy? In Theresa’s experiences, yes, they are. Theresa has a twenty-one-year-old son and a seventeen-year-old daughter. So do they ever show any signs of their mother’s abilities? Theresa believes that everyone has the capacity to connect with the “other side,” shall we say, but some people are more capable than others. Both of her kids have shown “tendencies,” which they find normal because of their mom.


psychic Live September 14

The Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo performed audience readings on Live with Kelly and Michael September 14.

Theresa Caputo: Audience Readings

Was Theresa feeling anything at that very moment, sitting with Kelly and Michael? Absolutely. Theresa said that she always feels something. Even as she was coming into the show, she already felt souls lining up, ready to communicate with her. “Oh my gosh, there’s a line?” Kelly said in surprise. Before the show even started, Theresa was able to deliver a message to someone in the make-up room who had recently lost a sister.

It didn’t take long for Theresa to begin making connections with several audience members. From the front row, she felt a young man who had recently passed trying to communicate. It turns out that his girlfriend was sitting right in front of Theresa, and Theresa even guessed that the woman carries his lock of hair with her all the time.


Theresa was also able to connect with a young couple who had miscarried a baby. She was able to communicate to them that the loss of their son had nothing to do with them; it was simply that it had not been his time to enter the physical world.

The entire audience– including Kelly– became very emotional during Theresa’s readings. She can turn any skeptic into a believer! For more incredible readings and lots more on Theresa’s family and life, don’t miss Long Island Medium on TLC Sunday nights at 9 PM.



  1. helen rogers says

    Hello i really would love to talk to you theresa since you know all about me ……Please lets communicate….Helen

  2. helen rogers says

    I agree with you completely about the after life…..You know all about me….Please lets communicate so i can help more…..helen

    • helen rogers says

      i was an indian now im a jew for jesus….im a grandma of 5 all togethor 7. You know every song i song…Every place i played…..Every head i kissed….Now what? helen

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